Like Carmen Salinas ?, the sleeping prince, more than 15 years in a coma

How Carmen Salinas placeholder image?, “The Sleeping prince“Al Walid bin Khalid bin Talal al Saud, is a young man whose story has gone around the world, because at just 18 years of age he had a traffic accident that cut short his life by subjecting him to coma for more than 15 years .

The currently 34-year-old Saudi prince was diagnosed as having no life in his brain; however, his family has kept him connected to a respirator for all this time “asleep”, assuring that just as this happened, God could bring him back to life at any moment.

This case is remembered after the recent one of the dear actress mexican Carmen Salinas placeholder image, who is currently in a natural coma, but unlike Prince Al Walid bin Khalid bin Talal al Saud, Salinas had a stroke derived from hypertension that he has suffered for more than 25 years and not from a mishap.

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Despite the dark prognosis of the actress who assures she cannot wake up since the area affected by the spill is the conscience, irreversible damage and that it is not possible to operate; It is the same as in the case of the prince, his other organs work perfectly; That is why his family has been able to keep him alive thanks to the respirator for more than 15 years.



Like Carmen Salinas ?, Sleeping prince, more than 15 years in a coma. Photo: Twitter.

However, let us remember that the dear Carmen Salinas Lozano She is an 82-year-old woman and it is said that she signed an advance directive a couple of years ago, which would indicate that if she fell into this type of condition, she should be disconnected. Despite this document and the assurances of the doctors recommended that the family disconnect her, they insist on hoping for a miracle or that God will pick her up naturally.

Despite the complexity of these situations, sometimes hopes arise that could be “false”, since as in the case of the sleeping prince, on two occasions what could be reflections have been made known and that they move their loved ones thinking that there is improvement.

On one occasion, Al Walid bin Khalid bin Talal al Saud became newsworthy after they assured him he had moved his head, a year later the moment was captured when he moved some fingers of his hand at the voice of one of his aunts. to talk to. However, some specialists point to this as nervous reactions and not something that he has done voluntarily.

A similar case has occurred with Carmen Salinas, as her daughter María Eugenia Plascencia said she had spoken to her mother in her ear, asked her to give her a lot of desire and claims to have seen how she “moved her little feet.” The truth is that doctors assure that his health condition continues the same.

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Like Carmen Salinas ?, the sleeping prince, more than 15 years in a coma