Like two drops of water: This is what the unrecognized son of José Luis “El Puma” Rodríguez looks like

A new scandal engulfs Jose Luis RodriguezThe Puma”For the topic family. To the dispute that he has starred in with his daughters Liliana and Lilibeth Rodríguez Morillo for breaking all communication ties, now adding the reappearance of the son to whom he never gave his last name despite the incredible resemblance that exists between them.

Speculation does not cease among his fans due to the bad relationship he has with the daughters he fathered from his marriage with the Venezuelan Lila Morillo and with whom he has not had any communication for more than 30 years.

The family fracture began when the artist began his relationship with his current wife Carolina Pérez. From this union, the youngest of the Rodriguezes, Génesis, was born. And according to the singer himself, in an interview on the Mexican program “Ventaneando”, he blamed his daughters for being the cause of his deciding to distance himself.

“They know what they did. I wish I would come out on behalf of them and say: we made this mistake against Carolina and Génesis “, published the Las Americas newspaper.

The alleged son of El Puma does bear the surname Rodríguez

With almost four decades of artistic career that began in his country of origin, Venezuela, Juan José Rodríguez, known as “Puma Jr.”, is the supposed son of José Luis Rodríguez who continues to produce his music away from his father.

From your account Instagram, the also artist shows his most recent album in tribute to the trio “Los Panchos” and their 70 years of musical history of a group that found fame in the mid-40s.

In his recent visit to Colombia and from the program Snail Radio, Juan José remembered his beginnings in show business, when he was only a 14-year-old teenager. He mentioned that he made his debut at 17 and after 35 years he has added 15 albums recorded in different rhythms, from vallenatos to boleros, in his career, detailed the portal of this New Granada medium.

Like two drops of water, both bear an impressive resemblance that leaves no doubt that they could be father and son. At 52, he has abundant hair (with some gray), as well as the characteristic mane of the 78-year-old singer.

But his timbre of voice, in addition to his features, is one of the greatest similarities that powerfully draws the attention of his fans and of those who know and interview him in many Latin American countries.

Unlike his father, “El Puma Jr.” He is of greater build and sports a more robust body. For years, the Venezuelan based in Miami has taken care of his figure, and at almost 80 years of age he maintains an enviable slimness.

Although many speak of his intention to imitate his father, “El Puma Jr” dismisses these criticisms and the rest of the speculations that even speak of surgeries to resemble the interpreter of “Pavo Real”. Meanwhile, the networks do not stop commenting on the great resemblance between the two, when asked is it or is it not his son.

He said that he decided on his stage name, because his grandmother and mother of José Luis, baptized him “El Pumita” from a very young age.

The illegitimate or unrecognized child?

In an interview with the program “SOS Hoy”, he did not want to delve into his true origin, or who his mother is, so he chivalrously preferred to avoid the questions of the presenter, while he neither confirmed nor denied that he was the son of “El Puma “.

“Legally I have the last name, I am recognized by an uncle, Osvaldo Rodríguez, his brother,” the artist recalled when mentioning that since the singer starred in the impasse with Televisa in 1985, when he abandoned the leading role in the telenovela “Tú o Nadie.” , it was known of its existence and it was the point that allowed him to direct his career.

He mentioned that he started singing on a record that was owned by Lila Morillo at the age of 14. Bringing this up, he made it clear that his relationship with his alleged father was going well until the divorce from Lila Morillo.

“We had a very nice relationship while he was married to Lila. My grandmother consolidated the family union. And the Morillos and the Rodriguezes got together and we shared, “he recalled at that time, showing that there was no longer any relationship with his father.

The Venezuelan artist, known on Instagram as “El Cocotero de Lila”, still maintains a good relationship with “El Puma Jr” and has given “Like” and even left comments in several publications. “Very good, Pumita Juniors. May the successes continue ”.


Anticipating that the voice is a quality that can be lost over the years, the supposed son of José Luis Rodríguez is also a businessman who decided to venture into the wine-growing area with a wine production that he called “El Puma Jr Wines” .

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Like two drops of water: This is what the unrecognized son of José Luis “El Puma” Rodríguez looks like