Lili Estefan gets into trouble with Elizabeth Gutiérrez fans: her advice to keep fighting for William Levy they didn’t like at all

Elizabeth Gutierrez appears to have let William Levy go and Lili Estefan has reacted to the actress’s message encouraging her to fight for love, which according to her, still exists in this relationship that many consider failed. However, and despite the criticism, more than 2,300 likes have been given to the words of Lili, host of El Gordo y La Flaca.

This Lili Estefan said: “All my admiration for you beauty of a woman. Give it your all, and keep going because when there is love, yes you can“. This encouragement that Lili tries to inject into the couple did not go down well with some fans of Elizabeth Gutiérrez who want to see her happy. And it is that many believe that William Levy has not treated her with the respect that she deserves from her, since there are many infidelities that hang from her, whether or not they are true.

On the subject of infidelities, the public questions Lili Estefan and they ask her: “When there is love, is it accepted that they be cuckolded?“. And so the negative comments continue around the actor’s alleged infidelities: “How ugly it is for Elizabeth to put up with horn after horn. That is what they call a “Happy Family” that little dignity but anyway!, and that is how they also question Elizabeth herself for allowing herself to be a victim of this type of life as a couple. Which is why today William Levy is being harshly judged on social networks and attacked as well.

Lili’s words on the other hand have served to criticize William even more harshly. The fans consider Elizabeth a victim and him the ultimate victimizer. Given the message from the host of El Gordo y la Flaca, this is what the fans are largely saying to Levy: “He is an empty old man inside and out, all his life he collects money, sex and betrayals. No one respects him, just a sex machine, this is his fame, a man without dignity. He never respected Ely, who was like his maid“.

Other attacks are also for Elizbeth saying: “There are women without dignity who sell their worth for miseries.” Few, on the other hand, have reacted by supporting the words of Lili Estefan, for which they do contribute the following to her words: “¡How beautiful Lili and what a great friend and person you are with the beautiful family Levy Gutierrez blessings!”. While many more continue to think that he has left her for another actress and that he will soon be seen living with her in Spain: “@liliestefan you’ll see @willevy happy life in Spain with @aliciasanz_ and with whatever sexual illness is placed in front of him”.

But what did Elizabeth Gutiérrez say?

Through her Instagram account, Elizabeth Gutiérrez hinted that her relationship with William Levy could have come to an end, but she asks for respect for him as the father of her children. However, her words wishing happiness is what she has made many believe that this time the separation is final.

This Elizabeth said:Lately and for obvious reasons we have been a point of discussion, of insinuations, of suppositions. Even going so far as to attack my children, referencing and questioning their personalities and values.”

He added: “William and I have always raised our children with love and respect.. Teaching them the best we could as parents. I will always thank you for supporting me and continuing to support me so that I can stay home and watch and be there for my children. There is no culprit in this situation!”

“I am not happy about attacks on his person. I don’t appreciate it. He is the father of my children, the most important man, the one who looks after our well-being every day.“.

I always wish the best for him: love, good health, happiness with or without me… It is not an easy situation to be exposed, to be listening to different versions and being a point of attack. Only he and I know everything we’ve been through. Our truth as a couple and there he will stay with us. Thank you as always for all the love and respect for our family.”

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Lili Estefan gets into trouble with Elizabeth Gutiérrez fans: her advice to keep fighting for William Levy they didn’t like at all