Lili Estefan on COVID infections: “Whoever wants to go out should go out and have fun”

Lili Estefan caused controversy with her views on COVID.

Lili Estefan caused controversy with her views on COVID.

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This past Monday in ‘The fat and the skinny’ Lili Estefan Y Raul de Molina they got into a discussion where they both had almost opposite points of viewWere they talking about entertainment? About gossip? About a celebrity?… No! of COVID, social distance, vaccines and protocol.

While Raúl defended following the protocols, the vaccine and all the necessary advice to protect ourselves from contagion, Lili surprised by saying: “Whoever wants to go out should go out and have fun.”

Why did La Flaca dare to share such a different thought from that of the rest of the communicators, especially from the Univision network, where all kinds of prevention campaigns have been carried out?

is that they were talking from a festival that took place over the weekend in Los Angeles, with several of our artists, and in the images they shared, it looked like the public, which was a lot, were without social distance and a large number without face masks.

While De Molina was scared and worried about the images before, Lili invited her to relax a little because, according to her point of view, very different from that of the doctors: “If it is treated like a common cold, it weakens.”

Raúl insisted on asking her if she really agreed that people should go out without following the protocols, and in case there were any doubts, He again said yes, that you have to enjoy yourself and not worry so much about the spread of COVID, because according to Lili Estefan, two years locked up was more than enough.

But the topic did not end there, later they talked about COVID again when Raúl said that his wife wanted to go to a meeting in a house where no one was vaccinated, and that he did not allow it because they risked getting infected.

Lili’s reaction was even more striking: Rauli I don’t know if you heard that in December everyone who was vaccinated also got COVID“.

De Molina continued to defend the importance of being vaccinated, and gave the example of a presenter, who was hospitalized with the virus, but since he had the three doses he was able to save his life…. What did Lili tell him? “He was saved by the vaccine, he was saved by the vaccine, not by the immune system,” ironically.

The festival that sparked this discussion between the hosts of Univision’s afternoon entertainment show, took place in Los Angeles. Yesterday we told you that the increase in that city is taken as alarming.

Los Angeles County increased by 10 times the cases of daily COVID infections in a month, according to Monday’s figures provided by the region’s Department of Public Health.

Authorities reported 31,576 new cases, about 10 times the statistic reported on December 17, when the department reported 3,360 infected.

Hospitals have 4,564 patients hospitalized this Monday due to the disease, which represents 6 times the number that was reported a month ago when 772 people were hospitalized.

The positivity rate is at 16.5%, more than 8 times the 2% that was recorded on December 17.

The increase in daily cases in the county are due to the presence of the Omicron variant, which is more transmissible than previous strains of the SARS CoV-2 virus.

And even more so in the case of inviting people to relax and have fun, it must be taken into account that last Saturday the authority reported 66 people who died from the coronavirus.

See here the part of the discussion between Lili and Raúl about COVID:


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Lili Estefan on COVID infections: “Whoever wants to go out should go out and have fun”