Linda Evangelista speaks after her aesthetic problem: “I don’t look at myself in the mirror. It’s not me”

At the end of September 2021, Linda Evangelista published a long letter on her Instagram profile in which she explained that she had decided to live away from the public spotlight. after suffering a serious problem with an aesthetic treatment that he had left her “completely deformed” and, always according to her version, unable to continue exercising her profession, and that five years after that she decided to tell about it. Her story went around the world but since then the model had not spoken again. Until now, five months later, where she has wanted to explain the torment she suffers and how she is not even able to look at herself in the mirror.

The model has not only talked about what happened but has also revealed her current appearance. She has done it in the magazine People, to which he has granted both an interview and an exclusive photo session. “I’m not going to hide anymore,” she says in the talk, explaining that her goal is to get rid of the shame she’s been through and that good friends like Cindy Crawford encouraged her to tell her story because her “strength and essence” remained very recognizable.

“The nightmare of my cosmetic procedure,” the publication titled the report. In it, Evangelista explains the problems he has had after undergoing a seven-session liposculpture treatment —called CoolSculpting by its trademark and that uses a process called cryolipolysis to cool the fat to eliminate it— between August 2015 and February 2016, something which caused a condition called paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, or PAH, a problem that the manufacturer estimates only occurs in one in 4,000 treatments, but which according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons can occur in 0.72% of cases, that is, in 1 out of 138. The model assures that after these sessions she was “permanently deformed” and “brutally disfigured” and for this reason she has sued Zeltiq, the parent company of the devices of that treatment, and demands 50 million dollars (about 44 million euros) in damages.

“I loved getting on a catwalk. Now I’m afraid to run into someone I know, ”he tells the magazine, according to what it says, between tears. “I can’t live like this anymore, hiding and in shame. I couldn’t go on living in this pain any longer. I am determined to speak up.” And so he does, he talks, and he says that it was three months after starting the treatment when he noticed lumps on his chin, thighs and chest area, the same ones that he intended to reduce with the treatment, but in this case they began to grow and harden. She explains that she tried to fix it with diet and exercise. “I didn’t eat anything. I thought she was losing her mind,” she explains. For this reason, in June 2016, she decided to go to her doctor, undressing before him and crying when she told him that she was starving. That’s when she was diagnosed with PAH. “[El médico] He told me that no amount of diet or exercise would ever fix it.”

According to the version given by the model in the magazine, then her doctor contacted the commercial house to inform them about this ailment and they offered to pay Evangelista for a liposuction with a surgeon chosen by them. Always according to her, and as she defends in her lawsuit, it was not until “the day before” when she found out that the company would pay for this intervention as long as she signed a confidentiality agreement that she rejected. Finally, she paid for herself two liposuctions, the first one in June 2016, the second 13 months later. After that, she had to wear girdles and compression garments, also on her face, for two months, because they assured her that if not her PAH would return. But she still she came back. Zeltiq, the trademark of CoolSculpting, has not wanted to talk about the matter with the publication, giving as a reason the legal case that it has open with the model.

The model says that those two operations did not help her improve, and that those lumps became “protrusions, they were hard.” “She couldn’t wear a dress if she wasn’t wearing a girdle, she would chafe me to the point of bleeding. Because it’s not like squishy fat rubbing against each other, it’s hard fat,” she explains. She says that she can’t even put her arms by her sides and shows her body in the interview by pulling down her shirt and showing the “rectangular” bumps, according to the publication, “that stick out from under her body.” “I don’t think designers want to dress me like this,” she laments.

“I don’t look in the mirror. It’s not me”, says who has been one of the most famous tops of the nineties, muse of designers and 11 times cover of fashion in the US Now, however, he claims not to recognize himself physically or psychologically, “as a person.” “She’s gone,” she says in reference to herself. But she also says that she hopes her situation will help others out of that “shame” spiral. “Why do we feel the need to do that to our bodies?”, reflects who has been considered one of the most attractive women in the world. “I always knew she would get old. And I know there are things a body has to go through. But I never thought I’d end up looking like this.”

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Linda Evangelista speaks after her aesthetic problem: “I don’t look at myself in the mirror. It’s not me”