Livia Brito sends a message to paparazzi to take pictures of her

A news that will surely have left several shocked, is the one he shared Livia brito recently, the famous actress Cuban announced for the paparazzi the conditions they must meet in order to take him photos.

After she and her boyfriend had an altercation with a paparatzzi last year, the flirtatious model and actress of Cuban origin also filed a lawsuit against the magazine that profits from his image.

Faced with this surprise, those who take photos of celebrities felt a little threatened by the actions of Livia brito against this “community” so to speak.

During the red carpet of the Elliot Awards, some media approached the protagonist of “La Desalmada” with José Ron, to which she gave some statements about the lawsuit she had filed, mentioning that some media had misinterpreted her.

Brito Pestana clarified that anyone who has the profession of paparatzzi could take photos of him, of course as long as he meets certain requirements.

Livia Brito will tell paparazzi when they can take pictures of her | Instagram liviabritopes

In the case of public events when she attends of her own free will and knows that there will be media and photographers and will even give some interviews is something that is agreed on by both parties.

That’s when they have their full consent to take their pictures, it is practically for work and by a rule that this is done in any public event, so there is no objection.

On the contrary, there would be a problem when they do not appear with her and they will tell her that they will take pictures of her, if they are hidden and perhaps they want to capture her not in a favorable way, it is when they would have problems with Livia brito.

The same will happen if the photograph is taken on public roads, but obviously she must be previously aware of it, for this, when she appears with her, she will decide if they can take photos or not.

Brito Pestana mentioned that everything is legalized and that they cannot take any photo of him without his prior consent, it is his personal life and it is something that anyone should respect.

Surely this news will have surprised several, although surely this is not the first time that a celebrity makes a decision of this type after the insistence of the paparazzi.

Livia Brito will begin her stage as an entrepreneur

Something that she also decided to add during this small interview is that in addition to her success as an actress in Mexican soap operas, she is willing to venture as a businesswoman.

He mentioned that he already had several projects on the horizon that he continues to develop, but that will undoubtedly come to fruition in a good way, he plans to launch a line of cosmetics and also swimwear.

Surely in some of his videos you will have seen that he continually does promotions with girdles and sportswear, this is also a project that has been maturing a bit.

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Livia Brito sends a message to paparazzi to take pictures of her