Livia Brito’s boyfriend shows off his squares with only jeans and is showered with compliments

Livia Brito’s boyfriend he shows off his squares with only jeans and is showered with compliments after reappearing in public after the lawsuit filed by a photographer for assault.

Although Livia brito had maintained his romance with Mariano Martinez with a low profile after returning to soap operas with “The soulless”And the young man had been conspicuous by his absence in the social networks of the actress, these last few days have seen more activity.

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Mariano Martinez, the young man of Venezuelan origin who stole the heart of “The soulless”He is not only a sports fan but also a personal trainer who establishes personalized exercise and diet routines for his clients, where his partner stands out, Livia brito and the results have been so good, that now they will undertake a new project together.

Already the actress of “Italian girl comes to get married” and “That I love you I love you”He had confirmed that his partner was not from the middle and although he has left the legal incident in the hands of his lawyers, it was not until recently that he began to show his partner again on his profile.

The Livia Brito’s boyfriend It is not far behind, because little by little it has gained followers in networks and has captivated with daring poses where it boasts over and over again its marked abdomen, sometimes in tiny clothes, others in jeans and others next to a horse just as it did. the actress a few weeks ago.

Although he rarely participates actively with the actress, Mariano Martínez, Livia Brito’s boyfriend He intends to start over with a project that has also made them partners.

Livia Brito and her boyfriend, coach Mariano Martínez bet on “always fit”

During the recordings of “The soulless”, Livia brito She shared details of a “Wonder Girdle”, an element that she used in her routines and that helped her mark the abdomen, waist and reduce measurements. Several of her classmates tried on the girdle and gave it a seal of approval, later it became known that it was a project that she was launching with her boyfriend.

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Now Livia Brito and Mariano Martínez, who in networks appears as “Yosmimartinez”Have shared details of“Always Fit”, A challenge that includes diets and exercise routines to obtain better results, they have even organized gatherings with those who have signed up for the health program.

While the figure of Livia brito She is one of the most admired in show business and also shone on the screen alongside other beautiful actresses such as Marjorie de Sousa and Marlene favela, She herself has revealed that it is largely due to the work she has done with her coach and partner, now, she shares her secrets and makes them available to her followers.

After finishing the soap opera, Livia brito She has fully immersed herself in her role as a businesswoman and now in networks she spreads the testimonies of the girdle and the challenge next to her boyfriend, who like her, steals glances with her impeccable figure.

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Livia Brito’s boyfriend shows off his squares with only jeans and is showered with compliments