Lourdes Leon: “I have a complicated relationship with the networks because often and by myself they make me feel like shit”

Madonna’s eldest daughter, Lourdes Leon, turned 25 a couple of months ago She has become a promising youngster in the world of fashion, a sector in which she seeks to pursue a career as a model. He has participated in catwalks, has attended the prestigious Met gala, has starred in advertising campaigns for powerful firms (from Marc Jacobs to Swarovski and Stella McCartney) and has been on the covers of some great magazines in the world of fashion, such as the number September of the US edition of Vogue, along with other models. Now, she alone occupies the cover of another publication, Paper, under the headline “Lola”, as her friends and family affectionately call her.

In the magazine, Leon poses with looks from the recovered and so in vogue fashion of the nineties (latex minibikinis, short shirts full of shine, hair boots), which is complemented with wigs of different colors and contact lenses that clarify the look. But she also has a long talk where she talks about fashion, her family or her body and the objectification that many women face.

The daughter of Madonna and who was her personal trainer, Carlos Leon, tells that she maintains a love-hate relationship with social networks. She claims to be an active user and hooks frequently with many of them. “I love them as a tool,” he acknowledges. “But they have become that horrible thing where they feed you with lies and nonsense every day because everything is an algorithm. You see what they want you to see, so every time you consume more and more. It’s a horrible vicious cycle, but I think it can be used in a fun way, which is what I do, ”he says. “Everybody says, ‘Come on, Lola has a public Instagram account‘, but for me it’s like a joke ”, he assures about his profile, where he accumulates some 250,000 followers.

“I think people have gotten angry that I can be playful at times. I have a complicated relationship with the networks because often and by myself they make me feel like shit, because by the algorithm I only see people with a specific way of life, and I compare myself with them ”, she admits. “It is not healthy for anyone. Definitely it is not healthy for children and young boys who are growing, or for kids of non-binary gender. Half of those social media presences are totally bogus. Obviously no one documents pain and lies. Everyone wants to show themselves opening packages and teaching their skincare routines. And it’s like: girl, there’s so much more to you than that “

The young Lola also talks about the media exposure of the body and what it entails. “Obviously, this is a world ruled by men, so the male vision influences everyone’s. And everyone has fucking male views, even if they are not male. That has to do with how I feel about social networks, “he says. “It gives me the feeling that if you are in networks, you have to follow a series of rules to please people, from what I have been able to notice. You have to follow the rules, be pretty, be polite, be correct. Don’t do too much of this or that. You can’t talk shit to anyone because people will go crazy, even if they throw shit on you before, but you can’t hit back, forget about it. “

And he goes on to explain that “it is not a place where you can express yourself authentically.” “So I did not follow the rules and people were offended, which is absurd,” she says, saying that she has a base of people who hate her because they hate her mother, without more. “I am the eldest daughter, I myself am going to see how all that hatred flows into me. Everything I do is negative, it’s like: ‘Like a stick, like a chip’. Look, you are very unoriginal ”.

The networks and the world around her have also often criticized her public image and the way she shows her body. For this reason, in their talk, Lola and her designer friend Raul Lopez also talk about hypersexualization. “For me, you can be as sexual as you want. I will never judge anyone for it […] Or other women like that, so I don’t apply those rules to myself. If you use those weapons against yourself, especially when you grow up in the media, people put all that pressure on you. Be hot, but not too hot. Be a virgin and a whore at the same time. People place a lot of value on women based on how they look and how sexual they are. So as soon as you claim that your sexuality is yours, everyone goes crazy. “

Fashion is also important to her, and it seems that at her age Leon is realizing what the industry means and how trends are cyclical. “I feel like it’s only a matter of time before the things that we thought were heinous are back again. That happens ”, he assures. For her, there is “a lack of personal style” and all trends are copied and repeated ad nauseam, something especially visible on platforms like TikTok. “And people who dress completely for themselves get huge amounts of hate,” he reflects. “I don’t know if we can go back to what social media has done to fashion, but I think I know what it takes: to be based on the individual and how they choose to dress and live their life.”

Besides fashion, dance is one of the most important disciplines in Lourdes Leon’s life, which she has practiced since she was a child. In fact, he affirms that although right now he likes to dance a lot, in the future his intention is to choreograph “artists, musicians”. “Dance, acting, is clearly a modality in which if you are not fully present, if you are not authentic and immersed in movement, if you are half, nervous or shy, people notice it. There is nowhere to hide because it is an art form where you carry your emotions as a flag. […] That has taught me in life to be authentically myself in any situation, because as soon as you are not, people sign you. And I don’t want anyone to sign me, you know? ”He laughs in the interview with his friend Raul Lopez. “I am someone who has a hard time hiding her emotions. What I show is what I am ”.

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Lourdes Leon: “I have a complicated relationship with the networks because often and by myself they make me feel like shit”