“Love Is in the Air”: 5 things that will happen this week

What will happen in “Love Is in the Air”? The Turkish soap opera is in its final stage, establishing itself as one of the most watched on the small screen. Eda’s story () and Serkan () does not stop bringing more than one smile to his followers but, this week, the plot will become a little more tense due to various factors, such as the pregnancy of the protagonist.

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The , with 130 episodes and two seasons, became a phenomenon in Turkey. This genre is usually given only one season, but the fiction won the hearts of the public and was able to show more episodes.

Since its broadcast on July 8, it was noticeable that the television production would become a success and that this popularity would be replicated in other countries, on different continents, breaking the barrier of language and different cultures.

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In the plot of “Love is in the air”, Eda and They start out as two strangers who don’t get along. Actually, she hates him because she blames him for missing the opportunity to study abroad. But the proposal made by the wealthy man will change their lives forever.

Serkan and Eda will once again have some obstacles to overcome in the finale of the Turkish soap opera “Love Is in the Air”. (Photo: MF Yapim)



In the next chapters of “Love Is in the Air“, through Divinity in Spain, it will be seen how the control of Serkan about the pregnancy makes Eda tired, despite the fact that she warned her husband several times.

In this way, she will make the decision to escape and spend some time alone, because even her family has become obsessive about caring for her and To P, the baby on the way. Therefore, you will take advantage of a Seyfi distraction to escape from home. Will Serkan be able to locate Eda?


While the others turkish soap opera couples they won’t have a good time either. Just as it has happened to Eda, Melo He is also in a situation of constant suffocation due to the repeated attention given to him Burak.

She always thought that he would be a great couple and even a great candidate with whom to start a family, but his recent behavior has left her more doubts about whether he is doing well in taking their romantic relationship to another level.

Elçin Afacan, the actress who gives life to'Melo', was born on January 22, 1991 in Istanbul, she is currently 30 years old (Photo: MF Yapım)
Elçin Afacan, the actress who gives life to ‘Melo’, was born on January 22, 1991 in Istanbul, she is currently 30 years old (Photo: MF Yapım)


In this way, several months will pass and the relationship of Eda and Serkan are in their prime. Alp will not be long before the arrival and they will prepare everything in detail. And, within those plans, it will be a new house for the great family that they hope to continue forming.

Therefore, the couple will prepare all their belongings so that childbirth It is done in a safe way and without any unforeseen events. However, when they are moving in, the drama will not be lacking in the last moments of the Turkish series.


Because, on the way to his new home, in a road where there is no civilization, Eda breaks waters and goes into a state of labor. In addition, the car in which they were traveling has broken down, which generates an uncertainty in the couple, but especially in Serkan, who must act as a midwife to bring her child into the world.

The birth of alpIn this way, it will take place in a very intriguing but, above all, special way: in the middle of nature. The couple will come to overcome the inconveniences and their baby will arrive in the world safe and sound. Then they will get to the hospital to care for your child.

Eda's birth is complicated and Serkan is nervous (Photo: MF Yapim)
Eda’s birth is complicated and Serkan is nervous (Photo: MF Yapim)


In the midst of the ruckus in the hospital, everyone is happy that Alp was born without major problems due to the situation in which they had to live. The family of the protagonists unite, between the gestures of happiness and tears, to receive the Serkan and Eda’s new baby.

And, in this way, the Turkish soap opera will culminate with the story of Eda on Serkan, whom at the beginning he did not want to see even in painting and with whom, now, he is forming a family like the one they both always dreamed of.

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“Love Is in the Air”: 5 things that will happen this week