Lucero and Mijares welcomed 2022 on stage and singing with their daughter Lucerito

The celebration of the new year is always the perfect excuse to get together with the family and spend a very special moment. They know that very well bright Star Y Mijares, who despite having to work during the first minutes of 2022They were given the opportunity to spend tonight together, on stage, doing what they do best: sing. However, as it was a very special occasion, the singers had the luxury of sharing the stage with their daughter Lucerito, who showed off his great talent, which he surely inherited from his famous parents.

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Through his Instagram profile, Lucero shared some glimpses of the incredible concert he gave next to the father of his two children in Acapulco, on the occasion of the new year and as part of the tour that they lead together called Hasta que nos made. As expected, the pair of singers had the presence of their daughter Lucerito, who moved all the attendees with his presence, taking over the stage with his enormous charisma and his incredible voice, interpreting the success To love us more, this being one of the most emotional moments of this evening.

In this show, Lucero and Mijares took a tour of their best successes of their careers, singing some of these songs as a duet, and some others alone, something that the fans of both artists have been asking for for some years, because even while their marriage, few times they shared the stage. Hence, the tour bears that characteristic name, because in fact it comes from a phrase that Lucero herself once said to Mijares, when they shared the stage for the first time.


Songs with dedication?

Although at first Lucero and Mijares decided to keep the details of their separation in complete privacy, now that more than 10 years have passed since that moment of their lives, the ex-partner has broken the silence regarding one of the most notorious rumors of that time. , which pointed out that both had dedicated two of their strongest songs of heartbreak. On this subject they spoke with complete sincerity during the program The Challenger, of which both were part of the panel of judges, referring to the song You had me, which was always believed to be inspired by their separation. “Of course it is not mine, nor was it dedicated to someone else”, Expressed Mijares during one of the interventions in the Televisa show.

However, Lucero had a slight suspicion that the song was dedicated to her, letting her ex know that she never liked it and that she considered it a bad song. In fact, the actress also took the opportunity to open up and reveal that she did dedicate a song to Mijares, as she said, she felt hurt by the song that he had previously released. “It was already fiery, because I said ‘from fiery, to fiery, well I win from fiery. And I already did one after it was called You couldn’t love like that”, He revealed with a laugh.


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Lucero and Mijares welcomed 2022 on stage and singing with their daughter Lucerito