Lucía Méndez: who is her boyfriend who is 15 years younger than her

Who is the partner of ? The remembered 66-year-old actress has surprised her followers when, in front of several press media in Mexico, she revealed that she has a partner who has been 15 years old. The actress has given details of what her new romantic relationship is like, which has generated more than one comment on social networks about Luis Miguel’s ex-partner, the “Sol de México”, who has just finished his series on Netflix.

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Regarding the end of Luismi’s biopic, made by Diego Boneta, the artist has said that now she is willing to tell her life in a production, in the same style as the voice of “Guilty or not”.

He added that he had rejected the proposals to carry your more to the small screen because he feared that he would hurt more than one person who crossed his life.

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I am not Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta either, I never have been, but I don’t have such a stormy life either. In other words, just like Lupita D’Alessio dared to tell, or like Luis Miguel himself, now we see him with the glass in his hand “, he told different media. But there was another big question:

The actress said, at one point, that she was disappointed when she met Brad Pitt, that it was not as she expected (Photo: Lucía Méndez / Instagram)
The actress said, at one point, that she was disappointed when she met Brad Pitt, that it was not as she expected (Photo: Lucía Méndez / Instagram)


Mexican actress Lucia Mendez He has indicated that he is dating a man who is 15 years younger than her and that she is in one of her best stages because she is enjoying the moment. The artist did not want to reveal what the identity of her new beau.

“I’m dating someone, he waters the little plant for me, why not? Yes of course. I am still of an age to deserve. (He is younger than me) About 15 years or so, I am a young spirit (…) when I see him I have a great time, I enjoy life, I do not commit myself and he does not commit, we simply live the moment and that’s it “Mendez commented.

He said he did not intend to elaborate on his sentimental state, but that she was willing to tell all her romances on the small screen, in the style of “Luis Miguel, the series”. Lucía Méndez has been related to the “Sun of Mexico“, the producer Pedro Torres and Eduardo Yanez, although the latter has always ruled out having had more than a friendship with the interpreter.


In an interview he gave to Yordi Rosado, Méndez recalled that he met the ‘Sol de México’ when he was invited to participate in a music festival in Miami. From this first meeting, the singer remained attached to ‘la Diva’ and did not stop until he conquered her.

“I was at a festival in Miami, singing, and around 1 in the morning the door knocked on me, my hair standing still. I sang with Raúl Velasco and I don’t remember if he sang too “She recalled the famous one about the first time Luis Miguel looked for her.

“So I said, ‘Please, I’m falling asleep.’ To cut a long story short, he was talking to me and everything, but nothing happened, because I saw him as a kid. He told me he was 20 and I was 30, and I said: ‘It’s been 10 years for him, he’s lazy’ “, said Méndez.

After this first meeting, where there was “not a kiss” between them, the singer began to woo her: “He began to look for me, to call, to pretend. It was very splendid; He gave me gifts, but some I did not receive. The one who lived very closely with everything was Pati Padilla, who at that time was my public relations “.

However, the singer assured that, although ‘El Sol’ was very nice to her, she even classified him as a good kisser, she said that she never really allowed herself to feel much for him, so she was the one who ended that romance .

“I did not fall in love with him so much because I always considered that it was not correct, I always had that judgment of saying no, that is not right, I cannot fall in love, I should not be with Luis Miguel”, revealed the also actress.

Lucía Méndez told unpublished details of her courtship with Luis Miguel
The Mexican actress recalled some details of the short relationship she had with the ‘Sol de México’ and referred to the time she met Diego Maradona. (Source: América TV)


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Lucía Méndez: who is her boyfriend who is 15 years younger than her