Ludwika Paleta and the emotional message she has dedicated to her sister Dominika on her birthday

Undoubtedly, Ludwika and Dominika Paleta have proven to be the most united, despite their multiple work commitments and the fact that each one has formed a beautiful family. In fact, through their social networks, the sisters usually share some details of the beautiful relationship that they have managed to build over the years, making clear the great love they have for each other. Something that has again been in evidence during this weekend, when Ludwika has taken her networks to congratulate Dominika on her birthday, an occasion that has served for the actress to show off the close relationship she has with her older sister.



Through her Instagram profile, Ludwika shared a beautiful photo album, in which she showed some of the most endearing moments she has lived next to the birthday girl, showing herself at different stages of their lives and even with different looks. At the bottom of the publication, the protagonist of soap operas such as Friends and rivals He dedicated some beautiful words to his dear sister on this special day for everyone in his family. “Happy Manuch day! I love you. Come and congratulate @dominikapaleta who’s birthday today“she shared excitedly.

As expected, the publication of Ludwika has generated a wave of affection from the followers of the actress for Dominika, to whom they have sent their good wishes through the post made by the actress. In fact, it has drawn attention that some of her fans have noted the great resemblance that exists between them, something that is evident in all the photographs that the artist has shared on her Instagram profile and with which she has remembered her life next to the also actress.

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Twins game?

It should be noted that a few months ago, the Paleta sisters surprised their fans with a publication that undoubtedly caused confusion among their followers. And it is that in it you could see them posing with very similar looks and both outlining a huge smile. Immediately, his followers began to highlight the beauty of each of them, in addition to their great resemblance, drawing attention to the comments of some of them, who confused believed that Dominika and Ludwika were twins, and others more clueless who thought they were the same person.

Such was the stir they caused with this postcard, that the sisters had to go out to clarify things, making it clear that yes, they both have the surname Paleta, but that they are not twins, nor are they the same person. “Yes Yes… I know that many of you still think that we are the same person … but no, we are two #dospaletas“Ludwika wrote in her Instagram stories, clearing up the doubts of some of her fans. For her part, Dominika also made use of her social networks to clarify the situation, moving everyone by revealing that they could soon see them working together, just as they have done in the past, when they have shared credits in some stagings. “We are two and no, we are not twins … and if we both act and follow us both because soon there will be surprises together“Said the actress bluntly.


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Ludwika Paleta and the emotional message she has dedicated to her sister Dominika on her birthday