Luis de Llano talks about the accusation of Sasha Sokol; he sends a message

Through a statement, the producer sent this message to the singer

By: Pauline Flowers

Instagram: @luisdllanomacedo

Luis de Llano speaks about the accusation of Sasha Sokol

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Louis of Llano used its official social networks to publish a statement with which responded to the letter in which Sasha Sokol reported, almost a month ago, abusive situations during the relationship they had when she was 14 years old and he was 39.

In the extensive letter, the producer described the information disseminated by national and international media as false accusations and speculation and then offered an apology to the former Timbiriche for the details of their relationship that he revealed during his most recent interview with Yordi Rosado and described their relationship as open and transparent.

“First of all I apologize to Sasha Sokol, if she felt some offense with my comments, and also for having made public information that concerns exclusively the private sphere of two people. The facts attend to the personal life of two public figures. My relationship with Sasha Sokol was always open and transparent on her and her family’s part at all times and under all circumstances we gave each other respect, companionship, empathy, love and understanding,” he noted.

In the document, which has already been replicated in countless media outlets and networks dedicated to entertainment, Luis de Llano spoke of the alleged close relationship he had with both

sasha sokol

and her family after the end of their relationship.

“Even after the end of our personal relationship, we continued to work together for several years on various musical and television projects. We did wonderful, memorable and very, very successful things, always with affection and respect for each other. I can proudly say that I was close to his family, his mother and that we have maintained many friendships in common over the years. For Sasha Sokol I have nothing but gratitude, admiration and respect, “he said.

He also thanked the support of his wife, children, collaborators, relatives and close friends, asserting that in his life he has not committed any crime and that he has always acted lawfully and has been a rudder and lighthouse in his life, respect for freedom, courage , honesty and justice.

“In my life I have always conducted myself with the truth, I have not committed any crime, nor have I acted immorally. The facts described and narrated in national and international printed, digital and audiovisual media that refer to me, and published as of March 8 are mere and false speculation,” said the producer, who also stressed that these will be his only statements on the subject.

Will Sasha Sokol legally denounce Luis de Llano?

The producer’s statement was released just hours after

sasha sokol

He gave his first public statements about his complaint against Luis de Llano, who, he said, is evaluating the options he has, after being questioned about whether he intends to proceed legally.

“I’m looking at my options,” the singer also shared. “I’m not going to comment. The only thing I can tell you is that I am very shaken, very moved, moved, with the reaction of solidarity that I have received. All I did was tell the truth, I don’t want to talk about it anymore, but I thank you for your interest and your solidarity.”

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Luis de Llano talks about the accusation of Sasha Sokol; he sends a message