Luis Miguel died of love for me: Angélica Vale

Angelica Vale was in an interview with Yordi Pinkish. During the talk he confessed that Lewis Miguel He was her neighbor when they were both children and he stressed that the interpreter of “Now you can go” was in love with her.

The actress assured that Luisito King, the dad of “The Sun of Mexico“He was one of the people he loved the most in childhood, but he changed his mind when he saw the series of Netflix which shows the abuses he had against his son on the way to stardom.

“I loved him very much until I saw the series”

He further assured that the husband of Marcela Basteri He used to tell her that he wanted her to marry his son and he used to give her various compliments that sweetened her ear and made her take a lot of affection for him.

During this stage, he commented, he also met Jaime Camil, to Alexandra Guzman and assured that both Lewis Miguel like Enrique Guzmán’s daughter, they used to go to see her at a show she gave in an entertainment center when she was about six years old.

The singer was about to be integrated into the Show in which other children also participated, but in the end they had to reject him before he achieved fame on his own.

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Your first kiss

During the talk, Angelica revealed that he was 12 years old when he had his first kiss with Alexander Ibarra and this occurred during a rehearsal of the play “Vaselina” by Timbiriche.

“I fell in love with Alejandro and went to all the plays,” he said.

He commented that in 1986 he was offered to star in the work together with Alexander, where they were asked to do a kiss scene. He indicated that a month later he intercepted her on the stairs of the theater so that there would be contact with the lips between the two.

He explained that the only instruction he had been given was that of his cousin Nicholas, who had told him what he had to do at the time of this type of meeting. In the end, he stressed, he became midwife of Ibarra.

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A childhood among celebrities

He announced that he could not live much with his father Raul Voucher, because he spent his time working, not even with his mother Angelica Maria, because she also used to work on the same terms or accompanying his wife. For this reason, it was that he thanks his grandmother, of whom he said gave him a childhood spectacular.

He explained that he was born with the cake under his arm, but that the devaluation of 1984 meant that the family he had to rethink the economic issue, since the money they had accumulated lost its value considerably.

She added that during her development she felt little loved by her father, because she did not know how to approach her, especially when she has always been characterized as a person very loving.

“I missed my dad all my life and I needed a good relationship with my dad,” she said.

The actress said that she had known Cantinflas since she was little.

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Her parents’ career led her to meet figures such as Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”, José José already Maria Felix since she was little, because they visited her thing, a matter that she did not measure until she was growing up. In this way, he said, he heard the “Prince of song” sing in his living room or go visit “The Doña“to the embassy of France.

His first experience in the theater, he said, was when he was two years old and he slipped into Angelica Maria on stage and even told him what dialogues he was playing.

He assured that his husband She is an understanding person who has not sought to put limits on her life or even get her out of work, for which she said she feels comfortable and happy with the relationship she has.

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Luis Miguel died of love for me: Angélica Vale