‘Luis Miguel, the series’ revealed how the singer would have betrayed Mariah Carey with Celine Dion

We already told you about the relationship of the interpreter of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ and the nationalized Mexican singer, But why in their three years of courtship was there not a duet of Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey?

The third season of ‘Luis Miguel, the series’ seems to finally provide an answer to this question (it seems, because we remember that this is merely Luis Miguel’s version), but behind this story there is an alleged betrayal That would even involve Celine Dion.

Attention: In case you haven’t seen the Netflix production yet, we warn you that there are spoilers below.

The true story of the Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey duet and the song he dedicated to it

According to the last season of ‘Luis Miguel, the series’, after its not easy to achieve —and maintain— collaboration with Frank Sinatra, ‘El Sol’ sought to consolidate an American audience and the opportunities did not take long to arrive.

Because the singer was in the best moment of his career and given his media romance with Mariah Carey, Who was also succeeding in the United States, the singer received three great opportunities, but none materialized.

The first was the movie ‘The Mask of Zorro’ and the second was the album ‘The Great American Songbook’, which was also not made and supposedly The celebrity’s relationship with David Foster ended.

The third was the duet of Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey that before ‘It’s Impossible’ was released under the title ‘After Tonight’, of which both recorded a version together.

But while the American singer included it in her album ‘Rainbow’, she did it without the ‘Micky’ part, although she did dedicate it to her, while the famous one preferred not to release it.

Why do they say that Luis Miguel betrayed Mariah Carey with Celine Dion

According to journalist Marc Shapiro, although Mariah worked with David Foster to include Luis Miguel, during the recordings they noticed that the tone of the song was ‘too high for him’, according to the music producer, so the voices did not harmonize well.

According to Foster, Carey did not have time to re-record her voice in a lower pitch to accommodate the verses of the interpreter of ‘Nothing is equal’ and this made Luis Miguel so angry that he sent him a shredded tape of the demo they had recorded.

As you can see, the story of this duet by Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey it’s very similar to what we see on the Netflix show, but with the difference that the series assures that the problem was the use of Auto-Tune in the song ‘It’s Impossible’.

Although we do not know if the couple also collaborated with this last song – which is an English version of ‘We are boyfriends’ by Armando Manzanero– and this was actually the last nail in the coffin of their relationship, the truth is that this song did see the light of day, but a duet with Celine Dion and until 2020.

The confusion between songs has made some assure that Luis Miguel betrayed Mariah Carey by releasing a song that both initially planned together years later and with the company of another singer, but it is possible that ‘El Sol’ simply did not include the song by ‘After Tonight’ to avoid copyright infringement and changed it to ‘It’s Impossible’.

In the same way, it is likely that Luismi’s initial reaction to the failure of the Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey duet was responsible for ending the relationship with David Foster. and maybe even the production of ‘The Great American Songbook’ ultimately, ruining the celebrity’s last chances to break into the English-speaking market.

On the other hand, the effect that this had on his relationship with Carey is also uncertain, especially if this would have been the reason why Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey ended. In this regard, the American only commented in her autobiography:

‘After three years, I knew it was time to part. We had a good time, and I still remember him fondly, but at the end of the day he wasn’t the one. ‘

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‘Luis Miguel, the series’ revealed how the singer would have betrayed Mariah Carey with Celine Dion