Luis Miguel’s great-aunt talks about the last moments of the singer’s mother

Thanks to the biographical series of Luis Miguel It was possible to know various intimate passages in the life of the singer, including the controversy surrounding the disappearance or possible death of your mother Marcela basteri. However, what happened to the woman it’s still a total mystery and it is expected that in the third and final season of the broadcast the whole truth will be revealed. In the meantime, Customs Basteri, great-aunt of the interpreter of “A man seeks a woman”, who was the last person to have contact with his niece before the aforementioned permanent absence, reveals details about the final meeting between the two.

“[Marcela Basteri] He came to Italy to visit his father and meet his family, “Adua mentioned to the Mexican television program Windowing (TV Azteca). “We didn’t ask her anything because she said she got along with her husband and that everything was fine.”

To the mother of Sun, accompanied her Sergio, his youngest son and who was then three years old, because Alexander, his second offspring “was with his paternal grandparents” in Madrid. During the time that Marcela was with her aunt, she never mentioned the problems with her husband. “He told us absolutely nothing. If she had told how things were going with her husband, she would not have sent her to Spain“he warned.

“She wanted to stay in Italy, but her husband called her because he had to go to Chile to sign for Mickey, because otherwise he wouldn’t be able to sing. However, the manager called me and said ‘Aunt Adua, it is not necessary for Marcela and Luisito to come to sign for Micky so that he can sing, that is my responsibility ‘. Luis Miguel was a minor and could not sing if there was no signature of the parents; that’s why Marcela went to Spain “.

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According to this relative, Basteri, who was at the Las Matas house, where it is rumored he died, said he would go to Chile as well, but he does not know if the trip took place. “I was talking to Marcela on the phone and I said ‘are you leaving now?’ She said ‘yes and see you in a month’. I said ‘in a month?’ And that seemed a bit exaggerated to me. He replied ‘no, no, auntie, don’t worry, in a month, as soon as I get back I will call you right away. And he has not called me again, “he said.

According to Adua, his niece wanted to return to live in Italy because “he really liked being with his father”; even, He told him that he had an account in his name in Switzerland, where there was money that Luis Miguel had earned. “He told me ‘Aunt with 20 million a month we live in Italy? I said’ you’re joking. You give it to me and I make you live like a queen. ‘He says’ because with the money we have in Switzerland we get 20 million interest.’

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“Luisito wanted my niece to sign him to have the checking account in his name because it was in Marcela’s name,” he revealed. “Also the house, the jewels. The house in Madrid I don’t know if it was notarized. And then my niece too He told me ‘Auntie, when Micky is 18 years old he will realize that his father has eaten his soul and you’ll see what happens.’

So far, it is still unknown where Luis Miguel’s mother is.


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Luis Miguel’s great-aunt talks about the last moments of the singer’s mother