Luisana Lopilato was isolated by coronavirus: how is her family?

Luisana Lopilato

Luisana Lopilato tested positive for coronavirus and is isolated. The actress is in Argentina filming Pipa and began to feel symptoms so she decided to swab herself and the result came back positive.

After knowing the results, the rest of the team that is working in Jujuy with the former Rebel way The corresponding analyzes were carried out, which were negative, as did her family, her husband Michael Bublé and her children Noah, Elías and Vida who accompany her at work and also tested negative.

As she is the only one in her family and work environment that is experiencing the disease, she decided to isolate herself in a preventive way so as not to infect anyone. “It is in the final stretch of the film and unfortunately they confirm that it tested positive for Covid. Your children would be in optimal condition ”, confirmed the journalist Debora D’Amato.

Luisana Lopilato in the filming of Pipa
Luisana Lopilato in the filming of Pipa

“Good morning Monday! start the week with the best energy”, The actress had written in her social networks from Jujuy, probably before knowing that she had contracted COVID-19.

Lopilato is in the final stretch of filming Pipe, the third part of the saga that begins with Lost and Hearted, based on the books by Florencia Etcheves and directed by Alejandro Montiel. “And we got to Jujuy! I’m excited to start filming the movie and enjoy these landscapes with my family ”, had said on Instagram a month ago.

In the film she plays Pipa and she accompanies her Mauricio Paniagua, Inés Estévez, Ariel Staltari, Paulina García, Malena Narvay, Aquiles Casabella, Benjamín Del Cerro and Santiago Artemis. “Manuela Pipa Pelari is no longer the same. The tough and brave woman who survived her time in the Police force by breaking the rules and keeping dark secrets decided to change her life. After abandoning her work as a researcher and releasing the trafficker Cornelia Villalba, she fell into a tailspin, ”reads the preview of the third installment of the story.

Some of the scenes were filmed at school Eduardo Casanova in Tilcara. The controversy did not take long to arrive since the filming was carried out without notice to the parents, while the boys were studying, so they were not allowed to leave the classroom so as not to interrupt the production. In addition, they assured that the sanitary protocols were broken and that images of the minors were taken.

“Starting at 15.30 while they were in class, the production used the facilities and that meant that it was impossible for the boys to leave the classrooms, without being able to go to the bathroom, without having a snack, doing physical activity and developing the normal activities of an educational day for any school“Said Rodolfo and Carolina, parents of a student and explained:”In terms of time, it is not serious, but the serious thing is that the families were not consulted, images of the school and children leaving school were used, there was no consent from the families or the grade-level teaching team, it was something that it was conceived from the ministry ”.

The father added that neither they nor the grade teachers were aware that the school would function as a location, only the authorities and the people of the ministry knew about it. “They told us on WhatsApp to remove the boys 10 minutes before because there was a filming. Due to the pandemic, we left the children and they entered by protocol. We have not been able to enter the school for a year, but from what the directors say they participated in the recording ”.

“As sympathetic as the anecdote is, there are laws to protect the privacy of children who were raped and we adults were not consulted, ”the mother insisted, emphasizing that images of minors cannot be taken without the permission of their parents. In addition, he assured that in a school where full presence began only a fortnight ago, they “went over the health protocols.”


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Luisana Lopilato was isolated by coronavirus: how is her family?