Lupillo Rivera and his brother Juan honor their father

Lupillo and Juan Rivera honor their father


Lupillo Rivera and his father, Don Pedro Rivera.

As far apart as they are and fights that the brothers have had lupillo and Juan Rivera have something in common: they love and admire their father, Don Pedro Rivera Cervantes. This was demonstrated in their respective Instagram accounts, where separately, but in a very similar way, they paid a true tribute to the man who gave them life.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY… to my FATHER @pedroriveramusic THANK GOD for allowing me to be the son of this great man who has given everything for me… I will always try to be like him but I still have a long way to go to reach the old man… I LOVE YOU FATHER”, wrote Lupillo Rivera in one publication that was uploaded to his Instagram account, along with a photo where the singer can be seen when he was just a child posing with the Rivera patriarch. In another photo, father and son are seen happily sharing today.

For its part, John Riveradid not miss the important date and uploaded an extensive message to his Instagram, where he highlights the human quality of Don Pedro Rivera.

“He’s my father!!! Today, unfortunately, more and more children grow up without their Father’s LOVE or Presence. Thank GOD I never knew that pain, doubt or confusion. I had the joy of growing up under the light and guidance of the SMARTEST person I know. He is not the most educated man, he went to school very little, but his DESIRE, EFFORT, LOVE and COMMITMENT led him to be a GREAT MAN, a BLESSING for his FAMILY and many who surround him”, he wrote after emphasizing how lucky he feels of the father he has.

“That man, with his VALUE, I don’t know if he knew fear, managed to change the destiny of many people. You know him as the father of…, as the Producer of…, as this or that. I know him as a FRIEND. Someone who, because of his experiences, is desperate to see you fail, but is always, ALWAYS there to help you. His “I Love You” are few, but his LOVE shows it at every moment. With the simple desperation of wanting to get his family forward day by day is enough to say I LOVE YOU”.

“HONEST, RESPECTFUL, FIRM WORD, THE HARDEST WORKING PERSON I know without a doubt. Of course, like everyone he has made his mistakes and failures but he has been MAN enough to learn, grow and correct. From NOTHING he created an EMPIRE. Literally, it seems that the stones could get water. Why? For the simple fact that he wanted to see his children SUCCEED, and …… HE DID IT! Say what you like about him. Whatever you please, but the world needs more parents like the one I have, “said the brother of the late singer Jenni Rivera.

Although both are on good terms with their father, the chances of a rapprochement between Lupillo and Juan Rivera remain practically nil at the moment.

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Lupillo Rivera and his brother Juan honor their father