Lupillo Rivera premieres a song supposedly inspired by Belinda

Lupillo Rivera releases a song supposedly inspired by Belinda

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Lupillo Rivera will finally premiere the song that since August 2020 has been announcing about toxic women. When the singer Belinda, the artist’s former partner, had been in a relationship with the singer Christian Nodal for a month, Rivera uploaded a video from the recording studio where he puts some parts of the new song inspired by “a toxic woman.”

“As I was watching a video there that was posted about how to get a toxic one or how to recognize a toxic one, it occurred to me to compose a song for the toxic ones. Let’s see what you think?”, he said in the video that he uploaded in August 2020, while turning up the volume on the song.

“Women want to control our lives… where you go, where you come… if you treat them well or treat them badly… if you give them everything they want so that they don’t complain in the end it doesn’t matter”, is part of the lyrics of the song which will be available on all platforms starting this January 28.

This week the artist He uploaded information to his Instagram indicating that the song will soon be available. “JANUARY 28 @lupilloriveraofficial arrives with the song of #latoxica for the serenade this February 14. It will be available on any platform,” Jenni Rivera’s brother wrote.

Lupillo Rivera and the Spanish singer Belinda had a five-month romance, between March and August 2019. The artist was so enthusiastic about Belinda that he even had her face tattooed on his arm and promised never to take it off.

“She is, she was the woman I have loved the most in my life up to this point. She is a beautiful woman, Belinda is a complete woman, she is a complete woman that I admire and I will admire her all my life because what she and I live only she and I know, “said Lupillo in statements collected by People in spanish, in 2020.

Later Rivera would have a public disagreement with Nodal for the famous tattoo. When reporters asked Nodal what he thought about the decision to Rivera to put a stain on the tattoo with Belinda’s face on his arm, he answered. “Well, everyone does what they want with their ‘pig’, or with their body, and well, tattoos make me very happy, I always tattoo things that make me happy, and I hope the man is happy,” he declared. in quotes collected by El Heraldo.

Rivera interpreted Nodal’s response as an insult for calling him “Puerco”, and responded with something that he would later regret and end up apologizing publicly.

“There is no fart, this guy and I know that I ate first from the table,” he replied through a video uploaded to his Instagram account, unleashing criticism for having referred to a woman in that way.

Today Lupillo Rivera seems to have completely left the topic of Belinda in the past. He has been publicly happy with his current partner, the cosmetologist Giselle Soto, whom he calls his wife. Was the song really based on Belinda?

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Lupillo Rivera premieres a song supposedly inspired by Belinda