Lupita D’Alessio and Carlos Reinoso: the scandalous romance that left its mark on Mexican entertainment

We cannot talk about the 1980s in Mexico without referring to the ardent, passionate, aggressive and scandalous love that Lupita D’Alessio and Chilean Carlos Reinoso experienced, challenging the world.

Lupita D'Alessio. (Photo by Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images)

Lupita D’Alessio. (Photo by Adrián Monroy/Media and Media/Getty Images)

There has never been such an explosive relationship between a singer/actress and a soccer idol like the one between Lupe and the midfielder. To begin with, both were in other relationships when they met — she was already on the last legs of her first marriage to Jorge Vargas, the father of her eldest children, whom she married at the age of 17, and he was dating Verónica Castro , which he would supposedly push out of a moving car, but this is only part of the legend and is only recorded in statements by the sleeping Lioness herself– and the fact that they went to live their passion to the four winds was a scandal because at that time that was simply not done (or at least it was not done that way).

Lupita was harshly criticized: how dare she! Leaving her husband from one day to the next (although this is relative: yes, she dumped Vargas suddenly, but the marriage had been failing for years and they had already separated on more than one occasion), and her children. What D’Alessio could do the most was to be accused of being a bad mother and of having left her children, Ernesto and Jorge, who were very young at the time, for pleasure, since this is not entirely true and the circumstances do not they came like this.

In reality, both society and the media were harsh with the interpreter of ‘Mudanzas’, because they judged her as an adulteress and a “bad woman”; In fact, the family court judge who handled her divorce from Vargas did something unusual at the time: she awarded full custody to her father, when her mother is usually favored. On the other hand, the media severely questioned her — it even caused a stir when Lupita responded to Paty Chapoy during an interview in Acapulco, where she lived with Reinoso, that the Mexican media were “sanctimonious” for beating their chests in front of him. simple fact that she was living her life as she saw fit.

Now, to give you an idea of ​​how unfair the issue was, while Guadalupe Contreras Ramos was passed to the wall and criticized by half of humanity, including her father, the famous sportswriter Alfonso D’Alessio (who withheld his speech for several of the years that Lupe “lived in sin” with Reinoso), practically nothing happened to the Club América midfielder, until he became very diva and Emilio Azcárraga sent for him to his office in San Ángel to tell him that at Club America had NOBODY more important than Club America and without much ceremony he fired him, and that had nothing to do with living in concubinage with a woman who had left everything for him.

However, that kind of love so intense, so notorious, so word-of-mouth, do not usually last and D’Alessio’s with the Chilean lasted a long time for what it was: they were together four years, until What many consider unforgivable happened: Reinoso went out with Castro again, to the great annoyance of his lover, who had put so much in the line of fire to get him out with those, so in a fit of jealousy and spite, Lupe got involved with the Uruguayan soccer player Julio Canessa, who was still young and somewhat inexperienced, and made him marry her in a very pompous and crowded ceremony, which signified the “forgiveness” granted by the national artistic community to his black sheep, who had amended the path… although it didn’t last long, since less than a year later they had already separated and two months later they were already divorced.

Lupita has been candid when talking about this particular point in her life: she was angry and angry and grabbed the first one who crossed her path and she was not looking for who owed her, but who would pay her and took advantage of Canessa’s youth and innocence, whom she left almost immediately because (although she says she tried) she did not want him, and in fact, it was onerous for her to be married to someone with whom she had nothing in common. Nowadays, she and Canessa have a cordial relationship when they happen to meet (which is almost never) and she has publicly apologized for “using” him, which he took rather gracefully, given the circumstances.

Eventually both D’Alessio and Reinoso rebuilt their respective lives, and never crossed paths again, but all the same, they left their mark and made, for better or worse, history in Mexican public life, since no one, like them, had daring to live his passion that way.


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Lupita D’Alessio and Carlos Reinoso: the scandalous romance that left its mark on Mexican entertainment