Luz del Sol Neisa and Alex Adames gave some advice to have a stable relationship

Photo: Instagram @luzdelsolneisa
Photo: Instagram @luzdelsolneisa

Several months have passed since the actors Alex Adames and Luz del Sol Neisa They told their followers that, after the arrival of their first child, they are expecting a second baby in the family.

Since then, everything has been happiness for this couple who, among other things, have accumulated a large number of followers on social networks due to the stability shown by their marriage, which many have seen as an example to follow.

In fact, there are those who ask them what are the tricks or tips that they follow in their marital lifel, and although they usually share certain information, last Saturday afternoon they decided to reveal all their secrets.

The first thing that, according to Adames, must be taken into account is that the relationship bases its principles on religiosity and the respect with which the other is held, since it indicates that one must always try to treat him or her with love and affection, as well as with “ affirming and gentle words.”

While For Luz del Sol, forgiveness, trust, honesty, security and, of course, the demonstration of their feelings must prevail between the two.

“Don’t think we got to this point by work and grace. We live every day in the process of achieving each of these things and, although there have been times when we have failed each other, allowing God to be the center of our relationship invites us all the time to make use of forgiveness – a resource very important in relationships—, to get back on track quickly and not go to sleep with a bad temper,” concluded the 34-year-old mother.

It should be remembered that since his participation in clean handNeisa moved away from the screens and dedicated herself fully to her family, that is why she assured in recent days that she will continue to lead the home and her children, while her husband is the one who dedicates himself to the profession.

“I am one hundred percent dedicated here, but I have had the help of my parents, sisters and my husband, so as long as we can continue like this, we will do so (…) I depend economically on God and this has to be made clear to the families: the roles that each one has is because he assigned it to us and, economically, we depend on God, who uses man to bring provisions to the house, which is completely admirable and valuable. That’s what’s on my mind and I really appreciate Alex making that effort.responded to questions about whether he will look for a person to take care of Mateo and his future baby, and whether he depends financially on Adames.

As for the reason why she waited so little time to give Mateo a brother, Luz del Sol Neisa assured that, contrary to what many might think, everything was absolutely planned according to her wishes, because she did not want to wait any longer for the possibility of enlarging the family.

“If at this moment I am totally dedicated to the house and to taking care of them, I must take advantage of the fact that I do not have so much distance between the babies, and I also thought that starting over five years later or waiting longer… I don’t know, I think which will be harder. Then there will be an opportunity to live another season, ”she concluded.

The actress is just over 31 weeks pregnant, so there are still just over three months to meet the new member of the Adames Neisa family, about whom more information will surely be known soon.


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Luz del Sol Neisa and Alex Adames gave some advice to have a stable relationship