Lynda Carter and the pain of losing her husband: ‘I don’t know who I am without him’

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At 70 years old, Lynda Carter had to face a new normal and a very big challenge that she did not expect to go through at this point in her life: understanding who she is.. The actress who gave life to Wonder Woman she lost her husband, to whom she was married for 37 years, in February 2021 and from that painful moment began a transformation process that surprised her.

In the next stage of my life I want to discover who I am”, He assured in dialogue with People magazine. “It’s totally scary because I really don’t know who I am without Robert”, He remarked. Robert Altman, her husband, died earlier this year, after battling for a time a rare type of blood cancer called myelofibrosis. “It still hits me a lot [la situación]”, She expressed moved while shedding some tears. “I can’t believe i lost it”, He added.

During the last months, in that internal search, Carter returned to one of his first loves: music. The diva will premiere a new song this Friday, “Human and divine”, which she wrote in honor of her husband. “It was a real romance,” he explained. “I wanted to define love and loss, but also make sure it was about the humanity in love.”

Carter and Altman met at a Maybelline dinner in 1982. She was the face of the cosmetics brand while he was the lawyer for one of the companies that belonged to the group. “I was not prepared to meet anyone,” recalled the actress, who at the time was divorcing her first husband and “had planned to do everything” by herself. But life changed his plans. Together with Altman he had two children: James and Jessica.

“We go through good things and bad things,” said the actress. “Never in my life have I felt the love, support and joy of having a man like him by my side“, He added and elaborated:”Robert supported me during my alcohol problem. All I wanted is for me to be healthy and happy”.

In 1975, with the launch of the series of Wonder Woman, Carter became the first woman to star in a superhero fiction. It took 40 years for another actress to put herself in the shoes of the character, achieving thanks to this that his face is forever linked to the DC Comics heroine.

Lynda Carter characterized as Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter characterized as Wonder Woman (

After her, there were several actresses who played the daughter of gods and princess of the Amazon, including Gal Gadot. “We feel as a unit”he said, referring to his colleagues. “I have passed the torch,” he added before recalling how one of the character’s most iconic characteristics was born. “I couldn’t change in a phone booth because that was what Superman did. They wanted to put me in some kind of wheel and I thought it was ridiculous, so I said, ‘Why don’t I do a ballerina pirouette? And that was it. That’s how the Wonder Woman transformation pirouette was created, ”she said during the interview.



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Lynda Carter and the pain of losing her husband: ‘I don’t know who I am without him’