Madonna goes from being sincere on Instagram and criticizes her for being taken advantage of

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Madonna brags about not paying those who work for her (Photo by Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images for The Weinstein Company)

Pop diva Madonna has moved like a fish in water in controversy since the beginning of her career. Rebellious, irreverent and with his own rules, he has never minded being the center of attention both from praise and criticism.

Today, at 63 years old, it was not going to be less. The singer continues to express her opinions freely on social networks and that, sometimes, takes its toll. Without going further, The artist has hung provocative photographs with a knife to her throat that do not leave the naked eye indifferent, but what has twitched the nerves of her fans has been the text.

To understand the context, Madonna starred in a photoshoot at the hands of Steven Klein, professional photographer for ‘V Magazine’. The subject of the photoshoot is in itself of doubtful taste and, without a doubt, with a high dose of provocation. Madonna appears in the magazine posing as the body of Marilyn Monroe was found.

To promote the edition of ‘V’ in which she is the protagonist, the diva has uploaded three photographs (including the one with the knife pointing at her neck) but, the worst is hidden in the text. Madonna writes: “Proud of my collaboration with Steven for ‘V Magazine’ even knowing that against all odds and with very little support from non-artistic people who kept pushing and the fact that we did it on a near zero budget, we have succeeded! make art!”

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Madonna describes this photo shoot as ‘art’ but also adds: “Thanks to everyone who supported us and slept on sofas and working long hours for free.” Obviously this phrase has come out dear to the singer who is a billionaire.

Her own followers have described what she considers “art” as “labor exploitation” and it is that it does not stop grinding that a person with such a high purchasing power has people working for her for free and sleeping on sofas, as she has revealed .

Some of the comments of the publication, sentence: “The definition of exploitation = People who work for you for free in the name of art” or “Sleeping on couches and working for free to give you support? I can not believe it! What you should do is support the new emerging talents. ”, reflects another follower.

Other comments put the cry in the sky exclaiming: “What worked for free? Why didn’t you pay them out of pocket? Are you short of cash or something? ” or “Girl, pay the artists, I just can’t stand it.”

A more ironic user, mocks Madonna by dropping “But Photoshop pays well, which is 15 euros a month …” in reference to the almost always edited photos of the artist on her Instagram profile.

Throughout the thread of comments, most interactions become critical and it is understandable that for ordinary people it does not make sense that a lady as rich as Madonna does not pay her workers and, also, brags about it on social networks such as if it were a routine of the most normal.

With Madonna you never know if it was an involuntary blundera (unlikely thing), if you wanted tell the truth and it has become so wide (There is quite a probability) or if she and her advisers know very well that writing such a ‘stupid’ everyone would end up talking and viralizing the news which, after all, goes hand in hand with the launch of ‘V Magazine’ with its cover (I think we’ve hit the nail on the head).

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Madonna goes from being sincere on Instagram and criticizes her for being taken advantage of