Maite Perroni is expecting her boyfriend Andrés Tovar’s baby: Mhoni Vidente

Maite Perroni He is in the eye of the hurricane after he announced a few days ago that he is formally in a relationship with the producer Andres Tovar, this because the man recently divorced the actress Claudia Martin and previously the protagonist of “Dark desire“Had already been accused of being the third in contention.

And it is that, previously Claudia Martín had spoken openly that she believed that her ex-husband had a romantic relationship with Maite Perroni, so the ex RBD He quickly came out to deny that said and even threatened his partner to sue her legally.

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But, a week ago Maite Perroni confirmed that she indeed has a romantic relationship with Andres Tovar, only that he justified that he had not spoken before about the subject because his lawyers had prohibited it, derived from a legal process that they initiated against a magazine in which his romance was aired.

And it is that according to 38-year-old actress, things are not as they have been told, because she specified that she and Andrés have known each other for 20 years and recently both ended their respective relationships of years, so they gave themselves the opportunity to get to know each other from a sentimental angle and from there she grew the love they now share.

Mhoni Vidente predicts that Maite Perroni is pregnant

After the announcement of the actress of “Triumph of Love“It seems that the controversy has not ended, because now Mhoni Seer went out to add more fuel to the fire by saying that the original Mexico City you are pregnant or if you are not yet, you are about to become pregnant.

And it is that according to Cuban fortune teller, It is for this reason that Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar decided to make their relationship official publicly and give details that they already live together, so he affirmed that soon they will also announce that they are expecting a baby because they are in the process of becoming pregnant or they already are.

Mhoni Vidente says that Maite Perroni likes married men

In addition to stating that Maite Perroni is pregnant or in the process of, Mhoni Vidente also commented that the actress from “Be careful with the angel“Already has a reputation for” stealing husbands “because he recalled that with William Levy The same thing happened, because for a long time the actors were involved in rumors of romance.

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So according to the Cuban, when a person is crafty, it is no longer taken away from him and if he likes to hang out with married men, it is something that can hardly be left aside, this according to Mhoni Seer, who also pointed out that Maite Perroni must take care of her karma because she could charge her a bill, while Claudia Martí will be restarted with a good man.

The truth is that for now there is no indication that Maite Perroni She is pregnant but for that it is necessary for a few months to pass and then we can check if Mhoni Seer’s prediction comes true soon to join one more of her fulfilled prophecies.

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Maite Perroni is expecting her boyfriend Andrés Tovar’s baby: Mhoni Vidente