Make way for Mathilde Pinault! Salma Hayek’s beautiful stepdaughter dazzles on the red carpet

The last few days have been of premieres and red carpets for Salma Hayek and his family. After shine with your daughter, Valentina paloma, in Los Angeles and in London, during the presentation of the film Eternals In those cities, now, the Mexican woman does it again, but at the hand of her husband, François-Henri Pinault, and his daughter, Matildhe Pinault, Salma and her troop took all the attention as they passed on the red carpet of House of Gucci, a film where the woman from Veracruz shares credits with Lady Gaga and Adam Driver. For this special night, Salma Hayek turned into a golden sculpture, a look she got with a dress in that shade signed by Gucci. For her part, Mathilde Pinault, was not far behind and dazzled with a sophisticated slip dress made in a fabric of print Animal Print in orange and blue tones with which she looked like a real top model.

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Hand in hand with two of the most important women in his life, his wife and daughter, François-Henri Pinault paraded as a gentleman alongside both of them, to whom he gave full prominence. Smiling, the family became one of the most photographed tonight in which we saw Mathilde, at all times, hold the hand of her father, who was very proud by her side, just as they have done on other occasions . Following in the footsteps of her little sister, Valentina Paloma, 19-year-old Mathilde Pinault took her place on this red carpet where her demeanor and elegance captured the attention of the press. who already knew her, not only for her public appearances with Salma and her father, but for being very active in social networks, where she is already emerging as an influencer.

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Everything seems to indicate that Mathilde is ready to take center stage in fashion events, as this is not the first time we have seen her giving style lessons. It already happened, last February, when he attended a party organized around the Fashion Week in Paris, when the press decreed the birth of an It Girl, a title that was won with a stylish outfit composed of a minidress-coat oversize signed by Balenciaga, which she combined with lace-up strappy ankle heels, to complement her look, Mathilde picked up her blonde hair in a ballerina bun with which he finished giving the touch of elegance to this outfit with which he received rave reviews from fashion experts.

After that appearance, Mathilde left the square again, this time in the Saint Laurent parade, a firm that is also part of Kering, a business group chaired by his father; However, at this event she did not want to pose for the cameras, but she did share an image of her look on her Instagram account where she has more than 51,000 followers: “I had a great time at the Saint Laurent show, here in Paris, and I loved my outfit”The young woman wrote next to this snapshot where she showed off her look that she achieved with the firm’s double-breasted blazer and short shorts and high boots, choosing black as the only color.


An influencer in social networks

Become the most active Pinault sister in social networks, Mathilde has great popularity on her Instagram account where she shares some details of her private life such as photos of her trips, her looks and her passion for equestrian circuits, since since she She was very young, she began her riding lessons; now, the young woman is an outstanding horsewoman who has won several equestrian competitions in Europe, where it has coincided with Carlota Casiraghi and Marta Ortega, with whom he maintains a close friendship that began right on the equestrian circuits.

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Make way for Mathilde Pinault! Salma Hayek’s beautiful stepdaughter dazzles on the red carpet