Maluma surprises by announcing that he has a girlfriend: what we know about the owner of his heart

The show was awarded in his native Medellín on the occasion of the 10 years of his career. Before interpreting the song ‘ADMV’, the reggaeton player expressed:

“I want to take advantage of this moment to greet all my friends who are there, my family, my parents, my girlfriend who is there: ‘I love you…'”.

The message surprised some of his fans, because “Papi Juancho” had managed to keep their relationship practically secret.

Of course: he had already given some clues about his courtship and thanks to them, we know several facts about the woman who stole the heart of the interpreter of ‘Sobrio’: find out.

Who is Maluma’s girlfriend?

Although the singer made a public declaration of love, he did not say the name of his partner: it is Susana Gómez. Multiple Latin American media report that she is an architect by profession, Colombian and completely away from the spotlight.

The only information we have about her romantic history is that, prior to her relationship with Maluma, she was married.

Maluma has rarely shown his relationship with Susana Gómez

Before his announcement in the middle of a concert, the reggaeton player had already confirmed that he was in a relationship. However, because of the unusualness of his post, possibly not all of his fans noticed.

On December 24, 2021, on the occasion of Christmas, Maluma shared a photograph on his Instagram account in which he is seen from behind, kissing a woman. The snapshot was blurred and on this she did not label anyone, with which he sought to protect the identity of his girlfriend. Even so, at the bottom of it, he wrote “Thank you, Santa”, alluding to the fact that it was a Christmas present.

Similarly, on several occasions they have been captured by the lenses of the paparazzi while walking in public.

Maluma’s relationship with Susana Gómez, his girlfriend

Because the couple has opted for discretion, few details are known about their relationship. In his message on stage, the voice of ‘Everyone’ revealed a few. He commented, for example: “so many years looking for love on the outside and I had not realized that it was there, right next to me”; This coincides with some reports that Susana Gómez and Maluma were friends for a long time before giving themselves a chance in the romantic field.

Similarly, the singer changed the lyrics of one of his songs to express that they are almost 3 years together.

On the other hand, it is known that, during their relationship, the Colombian’s girlfriend has been able to get closer to her family, because in September 2021, Marlli Arias, her mother, shared on her Instagram account a series of photographs of the spectacular gift that her son gave him for his birthday: a helicopter ride over New York City.

In the last of the images, Susana Gómez is distinguished embracing the reggaeton player. (Click the arrow to see it.)

Photos of Maluma and his girlfriend Maluma Gómez

Although the couple has chosen not to show their love on social networks, the paparazzi have done their thing and it is thanks to them that there are images of the two together.

In most of these, they can be seen in their most natural side: arriving at hotels or eating in restaurants.

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Maluma surprises by announcing that he has a girlfriend: what we know about the owner of his heart