Man denounces that he was threatened and beaten by actor Rafael Pedroza: “He said that next time he was going to stab me”

Rafael Pedroza is a renowned Colombian actor who has participated in major Colombian productions such as’ Escobar, el patron del mal ‘and Pandillas, guerra y paz’, among others. Currently, he lives in the city of Miami and has a high activity on social networks, especially on Instagram, where he frequently shares entertainment content and announces audiovisual projects where he will participate.

It was in this same social network where a man mentioned Pedroza, not precisely to announce the collaboration in a series, but to make a complaint against him for alleged abuse in October of this year.

Víctor Romero, who is Pedroza’s neighbor in that capital of the United States and recently made the complaint against the artist public through his profile, displaying several photos of the incident that occurred and stating that he attacked him and threatened to do more harm to him on a future occasion. .

“I make this announcement public because he threatened me that the next time he was going to stab me”Romero wrote at the bottom of the post. Additionally, he related in the program ‘La red’, of the Caracol channel, the details of the incident he had with the actor.

In the middle of the dialogue with that entertainment magazine, he mentions that it all started when Pedroza occupied without permission part of the parking space that was owned by Romero; “So when the crane arrived, I realized it was him -Rafael- because he was super aggressive with the man with the crane, but when he went out to fight he yelled at my stepson, insulted him and then did the same with my wife”.

The complainant then asked him to stop the insults against his family members, to which the actor ignored and decided to pay the tow truck driver not to take his vehicle. But the discussion did not stop there, as it would continue on October 16 also in the parking lot of the place where they both reside.

“He parked behind me, yelling at me, and my wife said ‘look, it’s the actor, he’s kind of aggressive’; he yelled something at me, I got out and said ‘What happened brother, what is it?’ (…) He got out of the car, the wife tried to stop him and could not, he came super aggressive and hit me with two fists in the face “, said the citizen; He even stressed that Pedroza was excited.

For his part, the attacked man called the police and later Rafael parked his car and left the place. Minutes later, he returned and continued the expletives against Victor Romero. “Next time I’m going to stab you; I’m going to give you a knife the next time I see you “the actor told him. A short time later, the uniformed men arrived at the scene but could not do much because the attacked person did not receive a second physical attack.

At the moment, the actor has not commented on social networks on the subject; In fact, the last thing he has published is a series of stories on Instagram watching the Junior – Independiente Santa Fe match, a match played by the BetPlay league. Even when the same program ‘La Red’ tried to communicate with the public figure to find out his version, he said that on the recommendation of his lawyers he could not provide statements about this scandal.



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Man denounces that he was threatened and beaten by actor Rafael Pedroza: “He said that next time he was going to stab me”