Manelyk claims to have a true friendship with Alicia Machado



Manelyk González reveals sincere friendship with Alicia Machado

The second finalist The House of the Famous, Manelyk González, claimed to have a true friendship with the actress Alicia Machado, all this after passing through the competition. Both took the title of the favorites of the public.

After passing through the past People’s Choice Awards 2021 red carpetthe Mexican influencer Manelyk Gonzalezclaimed to have a sincere friendship with former beauty queen Alicia Manchado, “I think that when a relationship is sincere, one feels it, as a woman, she has that sixth sense of knowing when they are talking to her out of convenience or when we are really friends”, Manelyk affirmed about his friendship with Machado.


Recall that Manelyk’s entry went unexpectedly to the competitionbecause her arrival on the Telemundo reality show was to replace the position of the model Kimberly Flores, who supposedly left the project due to serious problems with her husband Edwin Luna.

Manelyk confessed that at the beginning of the competition none of the participants spoke to her and even saw her as a threat, because her difficult character and personality made the influencer get along with Miss Universe 1996 Alicia Machado.

“When I entered I said, ‘This old woman is going to get along terrible, we are going to hold on to each other’. On the contrary, she was the only one who gave herself the opportunity to meet me, that she did not judge me, that she did not want to take me out because everyone saw me as a threat, ”Mane commented.

Celia Lora attacks Manelyk

This friendship provoked the fury of Celia Lora, who once called Manelyk a hypocrite, this relationship became complicated between them, since after being nominated together to leave the reality show Mane managed to stay in the house, causing Lora’s anger. Let’s remember that Mane and Celia shared recordings during the sixth and seventh seasons of ‘Acapulco Shore’.

“She did not like my relationship with Alicia very much, it seems a bit immature on her part because what happens in a reality show, stays in a reality show. And a little selfish because when Celia left, if I hadn’t gotten along with Alicia I would have been left alone, ”said Mane.

Although the artists today do not get along at all, Manelyk assured that he had good intentions to fix things with Lora later, despite the fact that Lora called Mane a hypocrite, “you cannot be faking a role for so long and less during three months. What the personalities see there is that we are like that, ”Manelyk explained, making it clear that his personality in front of the cameras is transparent.

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The dynamic duo from La Casa de Los Famosos

During three months of coexistence, there were many fights and clashes between the participants but also good times, romances and laughter. The favorites of the public, Manelyk and Alicia, linked a beautiful friendship in the competition, “where I have a good time, there I am, with people who give me something and do not take away from me”. She assured Manelyk to which Alicia replied, “but I like you so much, I like you super.” They were one of the conversations that crossed the screen.

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the public favorites

According to the data released by Telemundo, Alicia Machado was the top winner of the competition with the support of 40,586,129 million votes from the public, leaving Manelyk González as second runner-up, who had the support of his fans getting 8,774,081 votes. .

Both Mane and Alicia have said in different interviews that they were a mutual support during the recording of the program. She also announced that she is planning to start a tour with the former beauty queen and invited her fans to be aware of the Meet and Greets that they will have together, where both will meet again to share the stage with their fans.

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Manelyk claims to have a true friendship with Alicia Machado