Manelyk could return to The House of the Famous

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Manelyk could return Telemundo

After the advances of the second season of The House of the Famousall fans of the competition are eagerly waiting for Telemundo to reveal who the new members of the house will be, according to rumors, it is said that Manelyk I would go back again, but what will the Mexican do?

All the rumors suggest that the Mexican artist would return, but this time as co-host of the reality show, the details are still unknown, what we do know is that the competition will return with a second season full of controversy.

This information was made known through social networks.although it is just a rumor, we are sure that the production is looking for celebrities and the perfect formula to make this second season more interesting than the previous one.

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If this were to happen, Manelyk would put aside Jimena Gallego, who in the first season was the co-host with Héctor Sandarti. Let’s remember that the duo of Manelyk and Alicia Machado was so good that both reached the final and obtained excellent support from their fans.

For this season the production wants to repeat with celebrities who are polar opposites, in this way bring out the true coexistence, although everything is rumor, it is said that Jawy could enter the house but as a participant.

On Right now We are convinced that Manelyk is a good candidate to take command of the driving and get all the details out of the next contestants . After 12 weeks of show, Alicia Machado, was the top winner, in turn, Manelyk González was placed as the second finalist; Kelvin Rentería third finalist; Cristina Eustace fourth finalist and Pablo Montero as the fifth finalist. Thus confirming that The House of the Famous returns with greater success to the screens.

Manelyk: the queen of the show

The House of the Famous: This is how they received Manelyk González | todayDay | TelemundoToday’s official video. The influencer Manelyk González entered the reality show La Casa de los Famosos with great emotion, and the first thing she did was hug the actress Celia Lora, will it bring consequences? Download our App: YouTube: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: instagram .com/hoydia/ SUBSCRIBE: hoyDía With a focus…2021-09-23T16:19:49Z

Manelyk is not only followed for her facets as a singer and businesswoman, she rose to fame for her explosive personality that always characterized her as a real woman without filters. For her part, she participated in “Acapulco Show” starring in racy encounters, which was liked by her fans due to her spontaneity and authenticity.

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his passage through The House of the Famous It happened when the singer Kimberly Flores left the competition and the Mexican entered to occupy her position, from that moment, several clashes with celebrities arose, as was the case of the feud with her colleague Celia Lora, her friendship with Alicia Machado and her admiration for Kelvin Rentería. However, the coexistence between the participants made Mane’s leadership make her reach second place in the competition, obtaining the support of eight million votes from her fans.

Manelyk currently shares her best photographs on her social networks, as well as her facet as a businesswoman, she has repeated in several interviews that her sensual personality is her true letter of introduction.

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Manelyk could return to The House of the Famous