Manelyk González says that he likes Christian Nodal and throws a tremendous hint: “I can buy that ring ten times”

doManelyk Gonzalez will be declaring war on Belinda for Christian Nodal? There are no absolute certainties on this subject. Probably the statements of the model, businesswoman and influencer have nothing to do with the singer, and beyond wanting to hang on to this scandal, what he wanted to do is declare his deep admiration and attraction to Belinda’s ex.

About Nodal he said: “I don’t like it, it fascinates me! I love it, it’s a papasote! But of course, who wouldn’t like it? Christian Nodal? He is a papasote, he has a lot of talent and apart from that he is a stupid millionaire, my God, what else! ”, According to Mezcaliente.

But what could he have meant with the ring? Who will these hints be for? For Belinda? No. They have nothing to do with the Spanish singer.

Manelyk’s message

Manelyk González was engaged to Jawy Méndez. The relationship ended very badly. So much so that she got a mattress back, and she gave back a ring. About this ring that she received and returned, she said: “I can buy that ring ten times over”.

He also stated: “Ridiculously, they returned a mattress to me. It makes me the most stupid, and I returned a ring because the truth is that for me it is not worth having something that is no longer and that will never happen“.

But Mane also talked about the ring of Belinda, of the jewel they say costs more than three million dollars that Christian Nodal gave him. About this he said: “If they had given me a ring like Christian Nodal’s, well, it doesn’t matter… I’ll return it, right? but since it is not like that, let them keep the ring and put it in wherever it fits”.

What is Christian Nodal up to now

Mexican singer Christian Nodal and Puerto Rican artist Don Omar lead the Los Dell festival lineups, which will be held in San Bernardino (California) on April 2 after a two-year break due to the covid-19 pandemic, the organization of the event reported today in a statement, according to the EFE news agency.

At the fourth edition of the Hispanic music festival, Nodal, regional Mexican star and three-time Latin Grammy winner, will be accompanied by a list of highly successful artists such as Californian Becky G, the band CNCO, Adriel Favela and Sofía Reyes, among others.

Those responsible for Los Dells pointed out that after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, they decided to bring the festival to Southern California to pay tribute to Latin music with one of the most devoted audiences in the country.

The Los Dells Festival was held for three years in Woodside Ranch (Wisconsin). In its first edition in September 2017, it included artists such as Maná, Daddy Yankee or Nicky Jam on its lineup. The filmmakers assured that Los Dells “became the first major festival to organize a multi-genre Latin music poster in the Midwest of the United States,” and they hope to position themselves as the largest in the country.

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Manelyk González says that he likes Christian Nodal and throws a tremendous hint: “I can buy that ring ten times”