Marbelle’s daughter would have beaten a woman who claimed her for not wearing a mask

A couple of photographs are the evidence with which Ana María Campos, a social communicator from Bogotá denounced the singer and actress Rafaella Chavez Ramirezdaughter of the also singer Marbellafor assault.

The woman used her social networks to publicize the case of intolerance of which she was apparently a victim. According to her account, Campos was beaten by the artist’s daughter in an elevator after complaining about not wearing a mask in a common area of ​​the building in which they cohabit.

“Unheard of. Today, going to work, I ran into Rafaella Chávez Ramírez, nothing more and nothing less than Marbelle’s daughter. I asked him to put on his mask and I received a blow that left me incapacitated. Who can help me? SOS “was Campos’ message on her Twitter account. In the same publication, the woman shared two photos in which she looks like her upper lip was left after receiving the blow.

The woman added in another publication made on the same social network that, although there is a recording of what happened, the building administration did not agree to deliver it.

“Already in the ER. There is a video of what happened but the building administration does not want to share it. I will file a criminal complaint for assault and personal injury. The police took an hour to arrive and they did not capture her (Rafaella Chávez) because she was no longer in flagrante delicto,” he said.

The woman would have contacted Graciela Torres, known as La Negra Candela, who also reported what happened. The journalist shared a video of Ana María Campos recounting what happened.

“I was waiting for the elevator in the basement of the Portal de Cedritos building, when the elevator opens, Mrs. Rafaella Chávez Ramírez is inside, she was not wearing a mask, she filled the elevator with garbage boxes and began to go down,” Campos describes in his story.

The woman adds in her story that she asked Rafaella: “Don’t you have a mask? And he turned aggressively to tell me ‘no, I don’t have it, I’m not going to use it and don’t come and talk to me as if it were my mother.'”

Given that response, the complainant assured that he told her “that it was a building and public health rule at the national level to use face masks in closed spaces and in common areas of the building.” “To that she told me to put it up my ass, that he was never going to use it, that he didn’t care at all”, he advanced.

Ana María continued to tell what happened after the claim she made to Rafaella. She commented that after the argument in the elevator, Marbelle’s daughter went upstairs to the first floor to tell the doorman to call the administrator.

“To which I told him that of course, that call the administrator to repeat how the mask has to be used in the common areas and in the building… They continue to swear at me, calling me a bitch, malpa…, raising their hands as if they were going to hit me”, concluded Campos.

Campos also expressed that he fears for his safety and He asked for help from the Prosecutor’s Office because he is afraid that they will take reprisals against his family.

“I do not feel safe, please help the Prosecutor’s Office, I am afraid to return home and that the violence against my 1-year-old baby or husband will continue,” Campos added in the complaint made by Twitter.

Rafaella reacted

Both Rafaella and Marbelle responded to the complaint and, through a statement published on their respective social networks, assured that the “situation has been distorted and viralized” and that this has affected the “honor and good name” of both.

“We reject all accusations made against us,” the statement read.

In the same way, they point out that the situation is already in legal instances, they also indicated that they will not say more about it, this according to the recommendations given by their lawyers.

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Marbelle’s daughter would have beaten a woman who claimed her for not wearing a mask