Marbelle’s response to the temptation to get involved in politics

Marbelle has had a pretty bumpy 2021. His most recent appearance was in the reality of the RCN Channel ‘Masterchef Celebrity’, where he came to be among the 10 best contestants of this edition and his partner Carla Giraldo was the winner. After exiting the contest She underwent a makeover, leaving behind her long black hair and opting for a coppery tone that left many in love with her unique beauty, which she left again for a chestnut.

In addition, he had time to release new music with the song ‘No te pido más’ and the pop version of ‘Addicted to pain’, with which he embarked on a concert tour of the country.

Likewise, she is also recognized for responding to those with whom she does not commune when giving her opinion on national politics through her Twitter account, in which she tends to generate controversy due to her constant political and social debates, with a very strong stance. clear.

Gustavo Bolívar, Gustavo Petro and the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, have suffered from these responses with their constant mockery and attacks.

Trino de Marbelle towards Gustavo Bolívar. Photo: @ Marbelle30
Trino de Marbelle towards Gustavo Bolívar. Photo: @ Marbelle30

This was one of the singer’s responses, when she brought up a scandal this year around Gustavo Bolívar: “The problem is that his debts made Bruno Díaz’s son commit suicide… he should be thinking about that and not about the domestic product… gross! swindler!”.

Recently, the interpreter of ‘Cloudy Days’ was invited to the gossip program ‘Lo Sé Todo’ on Channel 1 and asked if she would be willing to participate in politics, since she is very active on social networks, and her response was forceful : “There are temptations.”

“If I showed them my WhatsApp, they would understand many things”, expressed the singer in the gossip program.

However, this was not the only question they asked the interpreter of ‘Sincere Love’, as Ariel Osorio questioned her about her boyfriend, the footballer Sebastián Salazar. The presenter assured that the rumors suggested that they had been separated for some time, to which the Valle del Cauca did not hesitate to respond:

“We are separated, chubby, we have been separated for about six months … But we are separated by distance, he is in Montería recovering from an operation because he has just suffered an injury, my mother-in-law is there with him, because I am working right now”, adding that if there has been much speculation about it, because he does not usually publish many photographs with the athlete.

There have been several celebrities who have let their followers see the interior of their house on their social networks, some of them have been Lina Tejeiro who surprised her fans when she showed each of the spaces of her luxurious house on the outskirts from Bogota.

Another of the celebrities who made a short tour of his home was Andrea Valdiri, who just finished the country house that he has on the outskirts of Barranquilla, showed the luxuries he has and the technology that every corner has. They have also done Marcela Reyes, Dani Duke and the presenter Carolina Soto, who after some criticism said she would not do it again.

However, do not leave out those who simply do not like this at all, for example, Marbelle.

On Wednesday, November 17, the singer received a message from a user focused on a particular request: “Take a house-tour”, but immediately the singer from Valle del Cauca realized that this would not happen.


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Marbelle’s response to the temptation to get involved in politics