Marco Antonio Solís went viral for his Christmas message: “If you don’t smell … don’t go out!”

"The Buki" He has become a celebrity on Twitter (Photo: EFE / Jose Miguel Caviedes / Archive)
“El Buki” has become a celebrity on Twitter (Photo: EFE / Jose Miguel Caviedes / Archive)

Marco Antonio Solis went viral for a tweet where, in his style, he called to take care of the COVID-19 during the Christmas holidays. The message of the leader of Los Bukis has already exceeded 60 thousand likes and it was retweeted by more than 14 thousand users.

The singer and songwriter as Where are we going to stop? Y More than your friend wrote: “It almost smells like Christmas already! But if you don’t smell … DO NOT LEAVE! “. The musician made direct reference to one of the most common symptoms of the coronavirus and invited his fans to take their precautions on these holidays.

Marco Antonio Solis's tweet and the pandemic (Photo: Twitter / @ MarcoASolis)
Marco Antonio Solis’s tweet and the pandemic (Photo: Twitter / @ MarcoASolis)

“El Buki” has been very active on Twitter and several of his messages have gone viral. From love writings and reflections to jokes, Marco Antonio Solís became one of the favorite users of this social network this year.

The musician took advantage of his account of almost two million followers to express his ailment after the death of Vicente Fernández. “A great loss for the people of Mexico and the world, a great loss for all of us who love Vicente Fernández’s work. It will always be present in the hearts of many generations that we carry it with us forever“, wrote.

Another of his most prominent tweets happened in March, in the fall of WhatsApp and other applications belonging to Facebook. “El Buki” made a hilarious comment and his followers made it viral. “Let everything fall apart, except this desire to always love you, my love!”, wrote the Mexican vocalist.

‘El Buki’ was hilarious about the situation of social networks (Photo: screenshot / @ MarcoASolis).

The singer has also expressed himself about politics, such was the case of his comment towards Ana Garcia Vilchis, “Stay with someone who may not know how to read, but be sure that they do not lie to you”Marco Antonio tweeted.

The controversy was unleashed due to a comment by AMLO: “Well, the lady in the section won’t know how to read, but the lady doesn’t tell lies, she’s not a liar”said the Tabasco politician during his press conference.

(Photo: Twitter / @ MarcoASolis)
(Photo: Twitter / @ MarcoASolis)

A couple of days ago, Marco Antonio Solís touched social networks by dedicating a message to his wife on Instagram. As part of their 28th anniversary, the vocalist shared: “28 years of fire in my body and peace in my soul. Not depending on your person, but on the love that your being awakens in me ”.

“With you, no day is the same because you are always a present present before my eyes every morning. The smell of coffee, your Caribbean joy and something as or greater than your beauty, your intelligence. Knowing how to take me to your world when mine collapses and then return to mine when everything is fine again. God fill you with everything you give me every day!“Concluded the singer.

"THE Buki" celebrated 28 years of marriage (Photo: Instagram / @ marcoantoniosolis_oficial)
“EL Buki” celebrated 28 years of marriage (Photo: Instagram / @ marcoantoniosolis_oficial)

Marco Antonio got married on December 16, 1993 with model Cristi Solís. Since then, they have been a solid relationship, far from any scandal. Even some songs on “El Buki” are directly inspired by his wife.

So it happened with the topic Thanks for being here, premiered in 2013. Marco Antonio Solís directly commented on social networks: “This song I wrote to my wife on our 19th wedding anniversary”.

His two daughters were born from the loving marriage Alison and Marla, who, like his father, ventured into the world of music, both from the role of singers. Currently, “El Buki” is on tour with his tour And forever, With which, once again, he will tour all of Mexico in the last days of the year and throughout 2022.


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Marco Antonio Solís went viral for his Christmas message: “If you don’t smell … don’t go out!”