María León poses in underwear lying on the floor

Overflowing beauty and drawing sighs, the gorgeous former member of Limbo Beach, Maria Leon, poses in underwear lying on the ground, and makes the nets vibrate by showing off her spectacular figure. The 35-year-old singer caused a stir among her followers with the image that, so far, has added more than 67,700 likes.

María León uploaded a photograph to her Instagram account that generated controversy and sensation on the popular social network, and that won her endless praise for her beauty and charm, which added to the admiration for her great artistic talent.

“There is nothing more powerful than your peace, your fullness,” he wrote in the publication.

In the photo, Maria Elizabeth Leon Herrera, better known simply as Maria Leon She appears lying on the floor and on a towel, as if she had just finished exercising. The beautiful interpreter of Lose Me Respect drew attention for her light and daring outfit, a lingerie set with a black top and interior, with which she wore her outlined waist and her totally flat abdomen.

“Impressive beautiful princess”, “I pray to you, Goddess”, “I would like to be a light to enlighten you”, “She has that little face that steals my sleep”, “There is nothing more powerful than that look of fire”, “There is no nothing more powerful than that great body that you carry ”, were some of the spicy compliments he received.

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But the beauty of the winner of the second edition of Who is the Mask, It is not his only attribute, because everyone knows his great talents, both in music, as in acting and even in dance.

That has helped him to become one of the most beloved celebs in Mexico, and especially in recent years he has been doing wonderfully with his participation in the reality show Who is the Mask, as well as in the successful play, as a judge in Little gigants in 2020, and in her solo career, in which she recently sang alongside the talented Gloria Trevi.

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However, not everything has been rosy in his life, as he assures that he has suffered intense episodes of anxiety since he was 19 years old, and has even put his life in serious danger for that reason, so, nowadays, no She stops going to her therapies and is always active in what helps to alleviate this problem, such as exercise, meditation, etc.

“I have suffered from anxiety since I was 19 years old, so to control my anxiety there is always exercise, it was always physical, because I am also a person who suffers from hyperactivity, I began to meditate, I was afraid to close my eyes to meditate,” he confessed .

“In fact, I still take therapy, it seems to me that it is super healthy, many people believe that therapy is only for someone who is sick, but it is a daily routine, like my singing classes. I highly recommend it ”, he clarified before the Venga la Alegría microphones.


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María León poses in underwear lying on the floor