Marialejandra Manotas spoke about Alejandro Riaño and recounted how they handled their divorce: “Love was transformed”

Alejandro Riaño and Marialejandra Manotas
Alejandro Riaño and Marialejandra Manotas

It’s been a little over a month since Alejandro Riaño and Marialejandra Manotas confirmed that their wishes to continue living together as a couple were exhaustedfor which they decided to start a divorce process and make each one their life separately.

However, contrary to what many thought and rumored, the relationship was not on bad terms, far from it they will have problems to remain friendsWell, this was confirmed by the old Valle del Cauca model through a recent interview she gave to the entertainment program “I know everything” on Channel 1.

According to what was stated by the also businesswoman in her conversation, “love was transformed” and that is why, before getting to harm, they wanted to take different paths. In addition, she recalled that three small children unite them and for their well-being they will continue to share certain moments together.

“It’s a roller coaster of emotions: there are good, average and bad days; but the relationship with Alejo is very good, we are friends and, so to speak, love has been transformed. We try to handle this situation as well as possible for our children, because we have three, so everything is fine, ”explained Marialejandra Manotas at first.

Subsequently, The woman explained that they have contact at all times with Alejandro Riaño, so that you can visit your children whenever you want and spend time with them; as well as for her to be at the comedian’s house when the children are with him.

“We share the weekends, when he wants he goes and visits the children. We are also rotating them every eight days, so when they are with him I go and visit them, or when they are with me he comes. In addition, Alejo is the one who takes Matilde to school every day (…) At first I thought that this would not work, because I really need them, but I understood that all this must be fifty-fifty, and I also thought about what nice that it would be to have eight days off to rediscover myself or to go out to travel, then the formula works very well for us”, added Manotas, who admitted that while her ex-husband has been taking care of the children, she has taken the opportunity to also dedicate herself to her ventures.

Lastly, she added in her talk with ‘I know everything’ that the acquisition of her new house has helped a lot throughout the divorce process, since it has been a “lifesaver” that has motivated her to start from scratch and with new elements that surround your space.

It is key to remember that Alejandro Riaño and Mari Manotas had already thought about ending their marriagebut just when they were going to make the decision, they both found out that she was pregnant again and that she had covid-19, which brought them back together and gave a new air to the relationship, although obviously it did not last long.

“We were in a pandemic, locked up and I was very involved in the political issue, so we started talking about that disconnection in marriage, we were very disconnected at that time,” Alejandro Riaño said in an interview with Laura Acuña and her space for YouTube.

After overcoming this disease, which has claimed the lives of some 137,000 people in Colombia, Riaño and Manotas were told that not one but two babies were on the way. Reason for which The man from Bogotá decided to have a vasectomy.


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Marialejandra Manotas spoke about Alejandro Riaño and recounted how they handled their divorce: “Love was transformed”