Mariana Nannis broke down in tears when talking about Claudio Caniggia: “He threatened me, he couldn’t file a complaint while he was forcibly raping me”

Claudio Caniggia and Mariana Nannis were married for 30 years and divorced in the midst of a scandal
Claudio Caniggia and Mariana Nannis were married for 30 years and divorced in the midst of a scandal

Mariana Nannis broke the silence after the Justice imputed and summoned her ex-husband, Claudio Caniggiain the case that follows him for alleged sexual abuse: the investigated event would have happened in May 2018 in one of the Hotel Faena departments, according to the complaint filed by his ex-wife and mother of his three children: Axel and the twins charlotte and alexander.

“It is imputed to Claudio Paul Caniggia the event that occurred May 5, 2018 where he tried to have sex with his then wife, Mariana Belen Nannis Sillesbut before her refusal he told her ‘I’m going to kill you, motherfucker and punched him in the face”, reads the brief issued by the Prosecutor’s Office No. 42 in charge of Dr. Carlos Velarde.

“The event would have occurred in the building located on Petrona Eyle Street, department 221 (faena hotel residences). Caniggia climbed on top of Nannis and inserted her penis into her vagina, against her will. After that, Nannis told him that she was going to report him and Caniggia laughed and told him that he was a friend of the police capo and that ‘if you make the complaint your head will roll’ and ‘If you walk out that door, I’m going to kill you, you son of a bitch. You here just don’t leave me‘” the document continues.

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According to the prosecutor, the episode would have occurred after the then marriage (In March 2020 the divorce decree came out, after almost 30 years of marriage) left a wedding party at the Palermo Hippodrome. “From there they left in a car driven by Caniggia at high speed while arguing with Nannis, slapping him on one of his handsVelarde pointed out.

Mariana Nannis and Claudio Caniggia were together for 29 years: they are the parents of Axel and the twins Charlotte and Alexander
Mariana Nannis and Claudio Caniggia were together for 29 years: they are the parents of Axel and the twins Charlotte and Alexander

waiting for the caniggia’s presentation -who will have to do it next March 22 at 10 in the morning via zoom-, Nannis spoke with Jorge Rialin your program Argentinaon Radio 10, and expressed that she was distressed by the situation she is going through with her ex-husband, whom she described as unpunished: “I’m scared, the guy threatened me, he beat the crap out of me. I couldn’t file a complaint when they beat me up and raped me by force”.

“What can catch your eye from a guy who thought he could always do what he wanted?” he added. The driver then wanted to know what happened that day that triggered the complaint. Nannis was forceful: “He pissed me off. She put her arms up so she wouldn’t hit me in the face. He had bruises on his arms. People around me saw me. But this did not happen only in Faena. This also happened in Spain.

Mariana emphasized her ex’s strategy to move the legal conflict to Argentina because, according to her, her ties and friendships could benefit him. “Did she have that much influence?” Rial asked him. “Why do you think that I got a divorce in Argentina? He is a friend of the police capo”, he answered and remembered some of the things that Caniggia said to him when they were together: “You are not going to leave me alone”. So, I unload it on her: “I told her crying that I was going to Marbella and asked her why she did this to me that I didn’t do anything to her. All I did was give him a family. Don’t let him get close to shitty people. There came a time when he couldn’t take it anymore. She told me: ‘I go in and out, but then your head is going to roll. You’re going to end up dead”.

About those times, she also remembered that she lived in fear. “I slept locked up. She would stand by the bed and tell me One day I’m going to kill everyone. They will wake up dead. Me and my children. How do you think a person can live like this? You can’t live under threat all the time. From the beginning it was like that. He grabbed me by the neck in a hotel. I called my mom on the phone because she missed her, “she said excitedly.

It was then that he broke down remembering the hardest moment he had to live in his life. “The worst was when he pushed me against a car and I lost my baby. That was the worst thing that ever happened to me,” she said through tears.. “I didn’t want to sleep with him because he would come back at 4 or 5 in the morning from doing anything and he was in a state. It was thought that since I was his wife, he could do what he wanted. And that is not good. And he couldn’t file a complaint because he knew everyone. My life was a disaster next to him. Nobody knows the things that happened to me with him”, he added and recounted the reason why he left Buenos Aires definitively: “I left because I was afraid. My life with this man was hell. He thinks he is unpunished. I gave him a decent family. My children are exemplary.”

Rial then wanted to know which it was Claudio’s relationship with his three children, Axel, Charlotte and Alexander. “Did your children witness any beatings?” asked the former Intruders. “He always hit me when I was alone with him. She was trying to get her to be alone. When he pushed me against the car, I was pregnant. and we were just the two of us in the garage. There was no one”, she clarified and recounted how the loss of that pregnancy was. “I felt like a whiplash. I went to sleep, everything hurt. I told him: ‘you don’t go in’. The next day, when I went to get a massage on the lawn, I told the person to stop because everything felt hot. She was dripping with blood. She had a hemorrhage. I ended up losing a two and a half month old son”, he recalled.

It was her daughter who took her to the clinic: “Charlotte accompanied me in a taxi. She would be 12 years old. We arrived at the clinic and I called him, I told him ‘I came here because you pushed me and I have a hemorrhage’. She told me ‘you are one of the daughters of bitches who likes to play the victim’ and she didn’t come. She was pregnant with his son”.

“Are you afraid that everything will come to nothing?” Rial wanted to know, already focusing on the criminal complaint. “I think there are judges who know that these characters think they are people who can do what they want when they want. And life is not like that. He is a friend of Mauricio Macri. Why do you think he was going to play so much game? I handed over a pen drive. He did a lot of business. Not just wind farms”, he clarified.

His lawyer, Carlos Broitman, took the floor to clarify at what stage the court case is and what Nannis’s next steps will be like. “Mariana is not going to testify in Argentina. For security. She will do it in a consulate within the kingdom of Spain and it will be at any moment, it is imminent”, He announced without giving too many details about your current whereabouts and advanced that They are going to ask that Caniggia not be allowed to leave the country and also, his prompt arrest.

Although it is not known where he is currently living, Nannis clarified that he is in permanent contact with his three children. “Axel lives in Malaga. Alex in a reality show and Charlotte in Faena. Claudio is living in the hotel also, he crosses paths with Charlotte, who is living in my apartment. Not the one her father gave him, which he’s worried about (she said wryly). The only one who cared about my daughter was me. A father who does not weigh down his children, nor does he help them to evolve, do you think he is a good father? I think when Charlotte was little, he gave her a doll and it was over. Nothing more. He was an absent father. The one who was always there was me. Always at the foot of the canyon, ”she expressed.

To finish and consulted on the imminent marriage of Bird with his partner, Sofia Bonelli, the blonde was blunt: “You can’t get married. It could not because the divorce process is done in Argentina and it is not valid because it does not coincide with her last address. The divorce has to be done in Spain. In other words, there is a divorce but it is badly done, badly started. It must be annulled if the guy did not live with me in Argentina”, she shot and threatened:“Now I’m going for the annulment of the divorce”.

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Mariana Nannis broke down in tears when talking about Claudio Caniggia: “He threatened me, he couldn’t file a complaint while he was forcibly raping me”