Maribel Guardia defended Victoria Ruffo after Eugenio Derbez’s version of her fake wedding

The comedian confessed that his ex-partner was aware that their wedding was not real

Maribel Guardia defended Victoria Ruffo, after the controversy that was revived after Eugenio Derbez will remember the alleged wedding who lived with his then-girlfriend in the 1990s. The Costa Rican assured that she has another version of the events and asked that the subject no longer be discussed, since she considers that the actors are very happy with their current partners.

During a talk to Todaythe actress made her opinion known about the recent statements made by the well-known Mexican comedian during his visit to The interview with Yordi Rosado, where he talked about the “fake wedding” he had with the mother of one of his children. With all due respect, the interpreter confessed that he has another version of the events that occurred in 1991.

I have another version, but well, God knows. I both… Victoria is my close friend, but Eugenio, I was at her wedding, I love her wife, Rosaldo, so how difficult it is in this type of thing. It would be nice if they don’t talk about Victoria anymore, what a need”, he declared about the actress with whom she has caused a sensation in networks for her TikToks.

The actresses will star "crown of tears 2" (Photo: Instagram/@maribelguardia)
The actresses will star in “Crown of Tears 2” (Photo: Instagram/@maribelguardia)

The ex Adventuress He did not want to delve into the version of the party that, for many years, was considered the wedding of the actors. However, she made a call to stop linking to the soap opera queen on that subject of their past because many years have passed since what happened and each one already had the opportunity to build a solid relationship with other people.

“They were a very nice couple but it happened a thousand years ago, and each one has very beautiful marriages. Victoria is also married, her husband loves and idolizes her and since she is left behind”, he commented.

A few days ago, Eugenio Derbez’s interview with Yordi Rosado was revealed due to the controversial issues he spoke about, one of them, his wedding with Victoria Ruffo. the protagonist of No refunds commented that it hurts a lot to remember the controversy that broke out after an event that was intended to be special for the two and explained how the events happened from his point of view.

Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo (Photo: File)
Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo (Photo: File)

It all started when Eugenio Derbez met again with the What in after a brief estrangement that he took after their first date because he considered that the actress was “out of my leagues”, this due to economic issues. The artists went out again until, according to the dubbing interpreter, they decided to take the next step in their relationship, which resulted in an unexpected pregnancy.

Two weeks later, for the first time, I went to his apartment to consummate love… the first time he hit”, he declared. The fruit of their relationship is Jose Eduardo Derbezan actor who will be turning 30 on April 14.

The news took the lovers by surprise and soon the creator of XHDBZ proposed to Victoria Ruffo to live together in the sweet expectation of their son. The protagonist of Crown of Tears accepted on the condition that they say, in the public eye, that they were married: “She tells me: What are we going to tell the press?… Well, we are going to get married, we are going to tell people that we are going to get married […] if we buy some rings’”.

(Photo: Instagram / @ederbez)
(Photo: Instagram / @ederbez)

To do this, Eugenio Derbez planned a wedding-themed costume party that took place in a hotel room with a menu of pizzas and hamburgers. The producer confessed that Victoria Ruffo knew that everything was part of a montage, not a real ceremony.

I send her an appointment, I surprise her… We went out to the place where all the guests were and with a recorder they put on the wedding march, this woman arrives and sees all her friends,” she said.


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Maribel Guardia defended Victoria Ruffo after Eugenio Derbez’s version of her fake wedding