Maribel Guardia shares controversy PHOTO: “How old she looks”, they say

Maribel guard generated a great controversy in social networks thanks to its last publication because the 62-year-old actress and singer shared a photograph in which he can be seen eating a delicious granita in his native Costa Rica, however, what caught the attention was his appearance as various users assured that he forgot to retouch the photograph so the ravages of the passage of time were exposed on his face and they called her “old”.

As mentioned before, it was through his Instagram profile where Maribel Guardia let it be seen that she is on vacation in Costa Rica to spend the holidays and during his stay in his homeland he indulged in a slushie, so he did not hesitate to share the moment on his social networks, “In my beautiful Costa Rica eating a delicious granita, will you?” The actress wrote to accompany her photo, which quickly went viral on Instagram and other platforms.

After the publication of Maribel Guardia some users they criticized the appearance of the actress who was Joan Sebastian’s partner and one of the comments that had the most impact was that of the user identified as “omancilla28”, who did not hesitate in his comment and wrote “How old she looks” unleashing the ire of the followers of Maribel Guardia, who jumped in defense of the also singer and began an intense debate in the publication.

The photo of Maribel Guardia sparked an intense debate on social networks. Photo: IG: maribelguardia

At “Virtual showdown”, there were all kinds of comments about the appearance of Maribel guard because while some focused on highlighting the operations to which the actress has undergone and they pointed out that he had forgotten to retouch the photo, Others were in charge of defending her and pointed out that beyond the surgeries she has managed to stay in shape thanks to her discipline and finally it was the followers of the Costa Rican who were victorious because they managed to stop the criticism of Maribel Guardia.

Maribel Guardia sends Christmas message to her followers

Like many celebrities from the show, Maribel Guardia took advantage of Christmas to send a message to all her followers and for this he shared a photograph in which he posed with his entire family near his Christmas tree and in his text thanked the affection of his audience, whom he asked to reflect on and value all the things in life.

“My family and I wish you a merry Christmas surrounded by health, love and abundance of blessings for you and all those you love. May these be times of reflection to value all the blessings we have in our lives. Thank you for the love you give me “wrote Maribel Guardia, who she wore a spectacular red dress that allowed her to show off her slim figure and flat abdomen.


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Maribel Guardia shares controversy PHOTO: “How old she looks”, they say