Maribel Guardia spoke about the LGBT+ community: “I would have been happy with a gay son”

Maribel Guardia spoke out in favor of the LGBTQ community

Maribel Guardia shared a moment with the press and there again he spoke out in favor of the LGBTQ+ community, when he revealed that he would have liked to have a gay son. The interpreter explained that the empathy she has for the people belonging to this community comes from the family, since he had a homosexual uncle.

In an interview recovered by the morning the sun rises, the actress of A lucky family cHe shared that he would not have had a problem with having a homosexual son. thanks to the inclusion that was instilled in his family.

Oh, I would have been happy with a gay son because they are wonderfulThey adore mothers, they take care of them, they look after them. They are the best children in the world”, explained the 62-year-old interpreter.

Maribel Guardia was born on May 29, 1959 in Costa Rica (Instagram: maribelguardia)
Maribel Guardia was born on May 29, 1959 in Costa Rica (Instagram: maribelguardia)

The actress from San José, Costa Rica, stressed that if someone has a homosexual family member, they should love them and support them with their decisions: “I think that if someone is lucky enough to have a gay person in their family, they have to value it a lot.“, He said.

Likewise, the model also explained that within her family environment she had a homosexual uncle, who gave her her first suit to start her career. However, she had to leave her native country because a very hostile social environment for LGBTQ+ people persisted and he had to migrate to the US.

“I had a gay uncle and he was the most loving, the most tender, the prettiest. My first show suit was given to me by him; he used it to sing. Then one day he confessed to me: ‘Mijita, it’s that I used it’. I felt very lucky that he confessed that to me. ANDHe left Costa Rica because he was gay. At that time it was a very closed environment, he went to Los Angeles”, endorsement for the morning of Image Television.

After the statement, the entertainment journalist, Alex Kaffie, pointed out that Maribel Guardia should take care of her statements, since In Mexico, homosexual people are still not seen with such respect.

I believe that and I say it as gay. Moms who have gay children suffer a lot because we are in a country that discriminates against homosexuals. So Maribel should think better of saying that, because the teasing is too much”, explained the also presenter of the sun rises.

The renowned interpreter had her only son, Julian Figueroa, 27 years olds, with the famous Mexican singer-songwriter, Joan Sebastian. On the other hand, this is not the first time that the interpreter who gave life to Juliet Vasquez in the soap opera Crown of tears I know pronounces in favor of the homosexual community.

(Photo: Maribel Guardia's Instagram)
(Photo: Maribel Guardia’s Instagram)

It was during the 2019 LGBTQ+ Pride march that the actress spoke out in favor of people’s diversity. On that occasion, the interpreter also shared a photograph of her during her concert in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, in which she can be seen wearing a colored dress, which represented the gay pride flag.

Currently, the actress lives a unique moment despite the fact that days ago he suffered his second contagion of COVID-19. However, this has not been reflected as a detractor within his career, since thanks to social networks he has increased his popularity, since he has recorded various clips that have gone viral on the platform TikTok along with other great Mexican actresses.

During the recordings of Crown Of Tears 2, the naturalized Mexican actress with more than 30 years of career in Mexico has been seen together to Africa Zavala, Raquel Garza and Victoria Ruffo.


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Maribel Guardia spoke about the LGBT+ community: “I would have been happy with a gay son”