Maribel Guardia, Victoria Ruffo and Africa Zavala captivated with a seventies dance on TikTokÁfrica-Zavala-3.jpg/ IG: victoriaruffo /Video.00_19_55_22. Still Image4175.jpgÁfrica-Zavala-3.jpg/ IG: victoriaruffo /Video.00_19_55_22. Still Image4175.jpg

Maribel Guardia, Africa Zavala Y Victoria Ruffo caused a sensation in social networks with a sexy dance of TikTok. The actresses would have taken a break during the recordings of crown of tears 2 to have some fun with the app and, after some rehearsals, they shared the result with their fans.

The Costa Rican interpreter surprised her hundreds of followers on Instagram with an audiovisual fragment where she appeared dancing in the midst of her co-workers, who moved their hips to the rhythm of Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? from Rod Stewartone of the most representative songs of the 70’s that was recently taken up by users of TikTok.

In the video you can see the actresses trying to coordinate the steps of the popular dance and, despite their efforts, they made some mistakes. It is worth mentioning that among the three artists, Maribel Guardia is the one who has the greatest presence in networks thanks to the fact that she has tried to stay current with the trends. Because of her experience, Victoria Ruffo and Africa Zabala tried to keep up with her.

(Capture: @maribelguardia/Instagram)
(Capture: @maribelguardia/Instagram)

After some trials this is what we achieved”, wrote the protagonist of What a mother so father! in your post. “we have fun”, Zavala commented on his Instagram profile, as he reposted the audiovisual.

Despite the lack of coordination, their laughter and radiant beauty stood out. Joan Sebastian’s ex-wife wore the spectacular figure that retains at 62 years with a Mexican pink skirt and a long-sleeved navy blue blouse. Africa Zavala posed for the camera in a flowery dress and brown boots, while the soap opera queen appeared with a set that drew attention to the print on her blouse.

Almost instantly, Maribel Guardia’s publication was filled with messages of affection, love and good wishes for the three actresses, as well as some compliments. Among the comments, the presence of some media personalities stood out, who also recognized the unparalleled beauty of the Mexican and Costa Rican women.

Victoria Ruffo and Maribel Guardia have very close birthdays (Photo: Instagram/@maribelguardia)
Victoria Ruffo and Maribel Guardia have very close birthdays (Photo: Instagram/@maribelguardia)

“What a great body, my God,” he wrote. Yanet Garcia. “They are the best,” he continued. Malillany Marin. “If they agreed to be so uncoordinated on purpose, don’t prick them, it comes out hahahaha”, mocked the Golden Scorpion. So far, the video has already exceeded one million views on Instagram.

This would be the second time that Victoria Ruffo ventures into the world of TikTok, since a few days ago she recorded another video with Africa Zavala where they simulated singing I don’t know how to live if it’s not with youone of the themes that also came to the platform to stay.

On the other hand, the popular TikTok dance revealed the excellent friendship that exists within the cast of the soap opera that is about to be released, mainly between Maribel Guardia and Victoria Ruffo, actresses who have shared important moments of their lives for years. . Even contemporaries have birthdays in May.

Photos: The Stars Tv
Photos: The Stars Tv

Crown of tears It was a successful novel that premiered in 2012 under the direction of Juan Carlos Muñoz and Alejandro Gamboa; It was starred by the Queen of soap operas and within the cast also shone actors such as Alejandro Nones, Adriana Louvier, Mane de la Parra, Ernesto Laguardia, José María Torre, Maribel Guardia, among others.

The novel left a mark on the Mexican public, so Televisa decided to bet on a sequel that is presumed, will hit the screen this 2022 Y will feature much of the original cast. Currently, the project is in the production phase, so the first images of the locations and the characters have emerged thanks to the actors’ social networks.


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Maribel Guardia, Victoria Ruffo and Africa Zavala captivated with a seventies dance on TikTok