Marimar Vega marries in a luxurious wedding; she wore divine pink dress

The actress Marimar Vega married in a luxurious wedding; she wore a divine pink dress. The actress looked radiant in front of the altar. At Soy Carmín we have all the details of the unforgettable ceremony.

Yesterday, accompanied by her family and friends, Marimar Vega decided that the port of Acapulco would be the paradise that would frame her second wedding, as we remember that she was already married in the past to the actor Luis Ernesto Franco, but in 2018 she gave end that relationship.

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It was her friends who were in charge of publishing the most important and fun aspects of Marimar Vega’s wedding with the photographer Jerónimo Rodríguez.

For example, Omar Chaparro was the main one in spreading what was happening at the luxurious wedding of Marimar Vega and it is that in his stories it was possible to see the moment in which the actress said yes to her now husband, Jerónimo Rodríguez, in addition to the videos showed part of the exciting party.

But let’s start at the beginning, as reported, Marimar Vega chose to be a natural bride and left her hair loose, which only had a few small ornaments. As for the makeup, she was completely neutral and attached to the dress that the bride wore in pink.

Speaking of the party, there was live music and all his friends and of course his two brothers were seen on the dance floor. Marimar Vega was seen excited at all times by what she was experiencing.

Horacio Pancheri wished Marimar Vega all the happiness

Horacio Pancheri, who had a fleeting romance with Marimar Vega, was approached by the press and, as direct as usual, responded when questioned about Marimar’s upcoming wedding, who made his break with the actor official through a statement in January of 2021.

“Marimar is getting married. I am very happy for her, I wish her the best always. So well, hopefully this new path for her is happy and whatever she is looking for she finds it…”, said the interpreter in an interview with the television program Ventaneando.

The truth is that the conclusion of that romance apparently took place on the best terms, and to show the words with which Horacio expresses his appreciation for the star.

“I will always wish him the best,” he assured.

To clear up any doubts, Pancheri emphasized the way things happened at the time of breaking up with Marimar, with whom he currently maintains a harmonious relationship. “Yes, (we stay as friends), very friends. Yes, yes … ”, she pointed out, although without delving into the reasons why that courtship failed to prosper. “It didn’t work, well, everyone on her side. Of course (I keep the beautiful and the lived) … ”, she pointed out.

For now, Horacio not only remains focused on his professional projects, because at the same time he fully enjoys the opportunity that has been given in love, now together with Isa Valero, the beautiful Venezuelan with whom he usually poses on a recurring basis in their social networks, making evident the great affection and complicity that keeps them together.

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Marimar Vega marries in a luxurious wedding; she wore divine pink dress