Marisela Berti presents an encouraging health picture

Marisela Berti

Given the great displays of affection they have received in recent hours, the children of the veteran Venezuelan actress Marisela Berti, Luis Armando Avellanet and Alejandro Walerstein, published a statement in which they thanked for the support, as well as to talk about the current state of the singer’s ex-wife Chucho Avellanet.

“We want to thank you immensely for the interest, support, prayers and good thoughts that we have received as a blessing at this time when our mother, Marisela Berti, is going through a delicate health situation. We feel accompanied by all of you at this crucial moment in the life of our family,” the brothers said in the letter.

The 81-year-old Venezuelan singer and actress has been confined at the Angeles de Pedregal Hospital in Mexico City since Saturday. “As you know, our mother suffered a stroke that keeps her hospitalized under the intensive care of a wonderful team of healthcare professionals who care for her. The medical prognosis, fortunately, is encouraging, and rest is imperative so that you can show the improvement that we so long for, “explained the young people.

Berti gained a lot of fame in Puerto Rico in the 1980s, after acting in telenovelas like the usurper Y woman’s sacrifice, as well as for having married Avellanet in 1980 and procreating Luis Armando.

On the other hand, Berti’s children asked for space to be able to concentrate on their mother’s recovery. “We understand and appreciate everyone’s concern. Messages full of love and hope encourage and embrace us. However, out of respect and love, we want to ask you for the privacy and tranquility that we need to be able to focus on your health and provide you with everything your body and spirit need on the road to recovery,” added both children in the communication. . “We, your children, are the only ones called to share any news or information that we consider pertinent, so we ask for your solidarity and understanding. As soon as we can issue a new official communication, we will do so.

Berti married Avellanet in 1980 and they had Luis Armando. Last year Avellanet turned 80 and the actress wrote a column for The new day about her relationship with the singer.

«I never thought that one day I would marry that great artist, much less would I have thought that such a talented and successful man would be, as I later discovered, a beautiful human being. What I admire most about him and it never ceases to amaze me is his generosity when it comes to praising and recognizing the talent of other artists. He identifies talent and is not shy about sharing his experienced opinion,” Berti quoted in his letter.

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Marisela Berti presents an encouraging health picture