Marjorie de Sousa falls in love as the ideal gift with a vibrant red dress

Marjorie de Sousa She falls in love as the ideal gift with a vibrant red dress, because in her most recent pose with a glass of champagne and luxury gifts, she stole glances with her beauty. The Venezuelan actress who we recently saw in “The soulless”Says goodbye to 2021 grateful with life not only for one more success in her professional career but for the new opportunities that have come for her.

At 41 springs, Marjorie de Sousa She has become one of the most admired actresses in Latin America, celebrating her Venezuelan heritage and empowering single mothers, since since her son Matías came into her life, although she has not been free from controversy, she has shone with each of her projects. inspired by him.

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As a singer, actress and model, Marjorie de Sousa She has wasted talent and poise, for this reason on this occasion, the red dress that she has worn a few days before Christmas has become unforgettable and one of the favorites of her followers.

With a slight opening that showed one of his legs and in profile to highlight his sculptural figure, Marjorie de Sousa She looked very sophisticated to celebrate the Christmas epic. The actress whom we remember from soap operas like “Until the end of the world“,”wild cat” Y “True loves”, Has been an ambassador for various brands and now in full maturity, it shows that the beauty of a woman who believes in herself does not have an expiration date.

In addition to this funny posing dressed in red, Marjorie She also channeled winter colors by parading down a runway, where she looked the most beautiful with a dress silver with an asymmetrical skirt, bringing her natural beauty to the fore.

Marjorie de Sousa and her many facets

Yes OK, Marjorie de Sousa She rose to fame as a beauty queen, in a short time she showed that she was a possessor of great talent and now, she enjoys a privileged place in the public’s taste thanks to her modeling facets, actress and singer, where she has already sung Christmas carols alongside her little son.

The actress who gave life to the unforgettable “Kendra ferreti“He has made the phrase” always shines strong “his mantra of life, we see him in his publications, on his social networks and in his day to day, because beyond fame he has taken advantage of this time of rest and celebration to give the most vulnerable, something he usually does every year.

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Marjorie de Sousa He has become an icon for mature women, because although he knows that he is no longer of an age to play certain roles on television, having given life to characters such as the evil one “Julia Torreblanca”Has shown that he still has a lot to give and welcomes the opportunities to show it.

For now, Marjorie says goodbye to a year of blessings and love surrounded by her loved ones, grateful with life for the projects in which she has been able to participate and excited about what 2022 will bring to her life.

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Marjorie de Sousa falls in love as the ideal gift with a vibrant red dress