Marjorie de Sousa Jennifer López style with sparkle dress; its charms almost overflow

In the style of Jennifer Lopez, the actress of The soulless, Marjorie de sousaShe wore a revealing sparkly dress with which her charms almost overflowed. The Venezuelan model who gave life to Julia in the most recent telenovela of José Alberto “El Güero” Castro, raised the temperature on social networks and captivated his followers dressed as a catrina.

Like a Mexican, the beautiful Marjorie de sousa She paid tribute to Mexico, a country where she lives and works for several years, dressing as a flirtatious catrina, wearing a fiery dress that made her look gorgeous and highlight her charms, very much in the style of the Bronx Diva. Jennifer Lopez.

The actress of wild cat and True loves, modernized the catrina attire a bit, by wearing a black and shiny gala garment, with a cut out design, which exposed her waist and part of her abdomen, evidencing the exercise she performs, since her muscles.

The dress barely covered her breasts, as it consisted of two straps that ran down from her shoulders to her navel. Marjorie de sousa She accompanied the outfit with an exuberant black hat with feathers, which stood out among her flowing hair and curls.

The final touch of the costume, very ad hoc of Halloween combined with Day of the DeathIt was the catrina makeup, which only covered half of her face with a skeleton design and discrete stones, as well as her neck, abdomen and one of her arms. A sen5ua1 and elegant modern catrina.

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The soulless catrina

After the great success of the telenovela The soulless, the former partner of Julian Gil and mother of his son Matías Gregorio Gil De Sousa, is totally satisfied with her work, and especially the viewers who enjoyed the end that her character had Julia Torreblanca, after the great damage he did to the main characters played by Livia brito and José Ron, as well as the one who gave life Marlene favela.

Without a doubt, this project will surely be one of the most important of the career of Marjorie de sousa, not only because of the great rating it obtained throughout its transmission from its beginning to the end, but also because of the great story that completely hooked viewers, who, in fact, are already asking for the second season.

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The end of The soulless, which was last Friday, October 29, registered a total of 5.1 million viewers, who did not miss the outcome of this interesting story for nothing, and who, in addition, made it a trend for several hours.

“Thank you #juliatorreblanca with you I recovered important moments of this that I love doing so much, interpreting characters. Thank you thank you thank you. #ladesalmada we continue walking… Thank you @ alepalomera1 and @mediaconceptspr for millions of more years. Thank you @elgueromex “, wrote Marjorie to thank the great success of the melodrama.

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Marjorie de Sousa Jennifer López style with sparkle dress; its charms almost overflow