Marjorie de Sousa shows off her beauty in an elegant pink dress next to Eduardo Santamarina

Marjorie de Sousa she shows off her beauty in an elegant pink dress next to Eduardo Santamarina, accentuating her curves and her long blonde hair. The Venezuelan actress thus invited to tune in the last chapters of “The soulless“And to know the outcome of his character”Julia Torreblanca”.

Without a doubt the return of Marjorie de Sousa with this soap opera where he shared credits with Livia brito, José Ron, Marlene favela, Eduardo Santamarina, Sergio Basáñez and Kimberly Dos Ramos, as well as other figures, gave him one of the most unforgettable characters of his career for the audience.

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Next to Eduardo Santamarina, Marjorie de Sousa She performed quite strong scenes and became one of the greatest villains in history, where she not only betrayed her best friend but also did her best to make her daughter choose convenience over true love.

Own Marjorie de Sousa He stressed that although he was no longer in a position to do characters like the great “Kendra ferreti” from “True loves”, He was happy to do roles according to his age and that they had so many nuances to explore. On “Julia Torreblanca“The actress not only did evil things but also looked the most beautiful in brightly colored and tight outfits that emphasized her figure.

The pink dress of her most recent publication in networks is an example of them, as it highlights her curves and makes the blonde of her hair shine in addition to posing with whoever was her partner in misdeeds in the soap opera, Eduardo Santamarina who gave life to “Octavio Toscano”, The villain of the story.

Marjorie de Sousa, more grateful than ever

From the hand of his son Matías, Marjorie de Sousa She was most grateful to the audience for the reception that her return to television and the character had, in addition to the preference of “The soulless”, Since the telenovela continues to break audience records in Mexico, the United States and is already beginning broadcasts in other parts of the world.

Marjorie de Sousa She is unstoppable, because after having finished her scenes she has resumed her career as a model and as a singer, she has also advocated for noble causes such as breast cancer participating in various events where mammograms were even given to women in vulnerable situations.

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Through social networks Marjorie de Sousa She has shared details of her new commitments and her followers celebrate that she is so active, innovating in her career without leaving the performance that has given her so much.

After soap operas like “wild cat“,”Until the end of the world” and now “The soulless”, Confirms that she has a lot of wood to convey emotions, also a beauty that steals glances where she goes and her heart in the right place, since her family is in the first place.

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Marjorie de Sousa shows off her beauty in an elegant pink dress next to Eduardo Santamarina