Married to a Catalan dancer and with two musical children: get to know Georgie Dann’s most personal side

His songs are known around the world, but his most personal side has remained more alien to the general public. Behind Georgie Dann and his catchy songs there was much more musical training than some might even think. He studied at the Paris Conservatoire for nine years and knew how to play the clarinet, the saxophone and the accordion. A love for the melody that inherited from his father, that he was a trumpeter, and that happened to two of his children, Patricia and Paul. And it is that the life of Georges Mayer Dahan, born in the French capital 81 years agoShe has always been linked to music and even found love on stage.

From ‘La Barbacoa’ to ‘Chiringuito’: all the times Georgie Dann made us dance to his summer hits

It was 1974 when Georgi Dann, who already had a decade of artistic recognition behind him, settled in Spain and fell in love with a dancer, Emilia García, better known as Emy, a young woman from Barcelona with whom she said ‘yes, I want’, that same year and with whom she shared all his vineto. Emy worked alongside her husband as road manager and formed a family with their three childrens, two of whom decided to follow the family trail and venture into the world of song. Patricia and Paul formed the group Calle París. “They do not want to be children of and I respect it,” said the interpreter of The beach bar in an interview with The newspaper of Aragon in 2012. In it, he explained that his daughter had two university degrees and that his son was studying Marketing. “Also with them I have been lucky,” he added.

With Paris Street, Patricia and Paul, who had already had separate groups, they released their first album in 2009 called Secret words. Among the songs that made up said album was Waiting for youré that won the Top 40 award in the Best Relief Artist category that year.

Although he claimed that he had learned music at the same time as to read, his beginnings in the artistic world have a point of luck. Was Primary teacher in France when the father of one of his students, fascinated by the songs he composed for the little ones, offered him go to a tv show of which he was a producer. Thus, the Gallic country discovered that teacher and three record companies did not take long to make him an offer. There he finished his teaching career and began a full of dance hits that he always refused to qualify as tacky.

In Spain it became known thanks to its participation in the Mediterranean Festival of 1965, held in Barcelona, ​​where he went representing France with Tout that you know. Ten years later, and with several successes already behind him, he decided settle in Madrid, city that was his center of operations and where he died.

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Married to a Catalan dancer and with two musical children: get to know Georgie Dann’s most personal side