Mary Paz Banquells, the actress who left everything for Alfredo Adame and paid dearly for it

She is the youngest of an artistic dynasty headed by her father, the legendary actor Rafael Banquells —the protagonist of the legendary telenovela Gutierritos— and the actress and dancer Dina de Marco, who were married for decades. Her sisters are Sylvia Pasquel (daughter of her father’s first marriage to Silvia Pinal) and Rocío Banquells, the singer and actress, who has been a true legend of musical theater and as a luxury villain on television, making Verónica see her luck Castro and Victoria Ruffo, among other queens of melodrama.

Mary Paz Banquells with her sons Sebastián and Diego Adame. (Photo by Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images)

Mary Paz Banquells with her sons Sebastian and Diego Adame. (Photo by Adrián Monroy/Media and Media/Getty Images)

But Mary Paz, born in 1965, was just beginning her career with appearances on television and theater, guided by her father, when in the recordings of the telenovela ‘Balada por un amor’, starring Daniela Romo, she met Alfredo Adamewho had a secondary role in the melodrama and by chance (Jorge Rivero, the mature protagonist of the story fell ill and had to leave her from one chapter to another) reached the leading role and thus began his career and popularity.

Adame, a former airline pilot then known as a catalog and commercial model, had been trying to make his way as an actor. His first opportunity was given to him by Juan Osorio (something that Adame has forgotten) giving him a small role as a tourist who fell in love with María Sorté in ‘My second mother’ and from there Pepe Rendón took him to ‘Balada por un amor’ and Carla Estrada to ‘In front of the sun’, which ended up turning Alfredo Adame into the Gabriel Soto of his generation —he wasn’t the best actor, but he was gallant and fit in with practically all the queens of the genre, so he was the ones who worked the most in their age range, in which handsome guys were scarce.

He came from a second marriage with the Colombian actress Diana Golden that had had a stormy end and from other failed relationships, although at that time he put himself in the role of victim and misunderstood man.

Mary Paz had had an important role in a telenovela produced by Rendón called ‘El cristal empañada’, starring Mariagna Prats (remember her?) and the now deceased Jaime Garza, which was highly censored because it was about a sex maniac (and someone had the brilliant idea of ​​programming it in the afternoon slot, after ‘Carousel’) and they took it off the air two weeks later. It was a shame, because Mary Paz intrigued audiences as the fantasy appearance of the killer, a completely imaginary character for whom she appeared in Marilyn Monroe’s character.

Adame’s courtship with Banquells was explosive: he made her fall in love immediately with attention and details and they married very soon in a fairy tale wedding attended by many celebrities (almost all of them on her side, he was not that famous either, nor as rich as it says) and appeared in all the magazines, where Mary Paz looked radiant and happy. Little did she know that her happiness would not last.

For 20 years and three children, the Adame-Banquells gave the impression of being a happy, united and supportive marriage, until around 2014 the alarm signals began to emerge and by 2016 a bomb had exploded: Adame had abruptly sought the separation, accusing her still spouse of being a compulsive and defrauding spender. Later, the list of accusations grew disproportionately and absurdly as Adame was losing control until he became the laughingstock of the nation as it has happened so far (we do not need to dwell on the subject).

But what about Mary Paz? Certainly for several years she kept up appearances and hid her husband’s increasingly recurrent outbursts, for the sake of their children, whom Adame has ignored (one, for being openly gay), but only she knows how much He has had to endure in silence when the patterns that had already separated him from his previous partners were confirmed.

The thing is that the poor thing continues to hold the title of the most mortified woman in Mexico, since every time Adame throws one of her famous media stitches or her street bravado, the media rush to ask her opinion, when she has nothing left what to see She is the father of her children, but he is no longer her husband, nor her friend. She has tried to revive the career that she left cut short when she got married, when she threw everything away to be his wife, and she has been doing it little by little, since he has also not given her a penny of support and she has had to get ahead on her own, linking up with theatrical and dubbing projects to gradually recover lost ground.

Is Mary Paz a survivor? Undoubtedly. And for that she deserves all the respect they should give her.


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Mary Paz Banquells, the actress who left everything for Alfredo Adame and paid dearly for it