Masterchef Celebrity: the attitude of Tomás Fonzi with the Little Pareto that sparked anger in the networks

The attitude of Tomás Fonzi with the Little Pareto that sparked anger on social networks (Video: “Masterchef celebrity”, Telefe)

A new elimination gala was lived this Sunday in Materchef Celebrity, where there are fewer and fewer celebrities in competition and the challenges are more complicated. In this sense, Luisa Albinoni, Barbie Velez (which replaced Denise Dumas), Catherine Fulop, Mica Viciconte, Tomas Fonzi Y Joaquin Levinton They had to face a complicated test to keep their place in the reality show.

In the first place, the slogan consisted of preparing a steak to the point, in just 15 minutes. In this case, the winner was the actor and, although the jury rewarded him by going up to the balcony, the condition to go to the next round depended on choosing one of his companions with a white apron to come down to replace him at the gala. That is to say, the contestant that Fonzi pointed out would have the possibility of being eliminated in this broadcast. Finally, the former Summer of ’98 decided it was the little pareto. “I think she is the one that is most prepared to face this moment”, was justified. Far from resentment, the athlete expressed: “I’m not surprised … she did not expect anything, I was waiting for him to say the name and well, he played”. And backstage, he added: “Nothing happens, we are in peace, this is a game.”

The decision not only surprised his teammates – many expected him to choose Malena Guinzburg for being the newest of the program – but also to the followers of the contest, who were outraged by his attitude. And as often happens, they expressed it through memes on social media, especially on Twitterwhere they usually comment minute by minute of the cycle of phone.

The truth is that the judoka had no choice but to go down to carry out the new challenge, which required preparing a free dish with deer meat, a garnish and a sauce. For this, they had three minutes to go to the market to look for the necessary ingredients and only fifty to prepare it. At the end of the time, the returns arrived, and when it was the athlete’s turn, it was German Martitegui who turned his eyes to Tomás and reproached him: “There is a country that is going to claim what you did”. “He had to choose, he had no choice,” said Paula trying to calm things down. “I gave them the best soldier,” the actor tried to justify himself with a laugh.

Damian Betular announced that he had not eliminated in Masterchef Celebrity (Video: “Masterchef celebrity”, Telefe)

Finally, the three chefs decided to save Albinoni in the first instance, considering her the best of the night. Then it was Damien Betular the one who announced the final decision: “The chef or the cook who leaves the kitchens of Masterchef Celebrity is …. none!”. Without believing what they heard, the participants thought it was a joke, but the pastry chef justified the decision. “It’s not a joke, we believe that having survived this week of extreme cooking, of so many challenges, everyone deserves a chance to be in the next round,” he said to the applause of all those present.

“We are all in shock, it is the first time it has happened. What we do know is that all of you are in the next round starting tomorrow. And leave everything because it’s now or never.” Santiago Del Moro.


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Masterchef Celebrity: the attitude of Tomás Fonzi with the Little Pareto that sparked anger in the networks