Masterchef contestant made his story of domestic violence public on the show

Apart from his talent for cooking, what was most valued by the public that follows the cooking reality show master chef Dominican Republic of the contestant of the 2020 edition, Kirsy Guerra “Raquelita”, it was her resilience and how she managed to survive a history of domestic violence.

In her audition, the woman narrated that her mother and her children were her greatest pillars and that she had decided to move forward for them. They are her world. Today the woman with a warm voice and affable and respectful treatment has seen how that world has collapsed and precisely because of the abuser that she denounced both publicly and privately before the justice system.

His mother was stabbed to death this Thursday by her ex-partner, who also seriously injured the eldest son of the contestant from the cooking show.

In one of the episodes of the program, Gustavo, Raquelita’s eldest son, sent her a message in an audio where he expressed how proud he was of his time in the reality show and how strong he proved to be, bringing him and his three brothers forward. in the midst of so many difficult situations.

“Hello mommy, who would have thought that the same day we talked about your entrance to master chef It was the same day they accepted you. That has been your teaching, mommy, always forward no matter what. Thanks to this, you have always given a beautiful teaching to my brothers and me. For this reason, I want you not to give up, mommy. I know that you are going to achieve it, because now not only my brothers and I are going to see what you are capable of, but everyone will know what you are capable of”, that was the emotional message of the young man who is currently torn between life and death.

He added: “My grandmother, your mother, and I, like your son, we feel very proud. Keep going that you will be able to,” he said before a very excited Raquelita, as well as the judges and the other contestants of the program.

The tragedy

Gustavo Rodríguez Guerra, 19, received nine stab wounds this Thursday night while trying to save his grandmother, Reina Margarita Perez Mella, 72, who died after being attacked by her ex-son-in-law, Ricardo Antonio Abreu.

Gustavo is admitted to the Doctor Darío Contreras Hospital, and so far his prognosis is reserved.

Still in amazement and with bloodied clothes remains the daughter of the now deceased and mother of the wounded young man, Raquelita Guerra, a former participant in the third season of master chef RD, who stated that he does not find words to express the pain he feels at this time.

“It’s difficult, I have to bury my mother and I have my son here between life and death, the pain I feel is too great, too much,” Raquelita said between tears, while waiting for news of her son in the hospital.

The former participant master chef He calls on the National Police authorities so that the case is not one more, and that the person responsible (Ricardo Antonio) pays for the death of his mother and for injuring his son.

Mrs. Reina Margarita Pérez Mella received 25 stab wounds, which caused her death instantly.

The incident occurred this Thursday afternoon in the Fernández Oriental urbanization, in Santo Domingo Este.

The crime was confirmed yesterday by the National Police spokesman, Diego Pesqueira, who pointed out that the murderer was arrested and that in the next few hours he will be made available to the Public Ministry.

Ricardo Antonio Abreu had a restraining order from his ex-partner, due to the complaints that she had filed against him, for gender violence. The man harassed her because she refused to go back to him.

worrying numbers

According to figures from the Attorney General’s Office, in 2021 there were 152 femicides in the country on a national scale, 18 more than the total number of cases reported the previous year. And seven femicides between January and February 2022.

The number of violent deaths of women at the hands of their partners increased to 12 by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

According to statistics from the Attorney General’s Office, in 17 years a total of 3,047 women have been murdered. In 2005, 190 women were victims of femicides, in 2006 some 177. In 2007 some 173. In 2008 there were 204 femicides. In 2009 there were 199. The figure increased in 2010 with 207. In 2011 there were 233; in 2012 there were 196 and in 2013, 160. For 2014 there were 187, in 2015, 144 and in 2016, 167. Finally in 2017, 209, in 2018, 165, in 2019 and 134 in 2020.

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Masterchef contestant made his story of domestic violence public on the show