MasterChef from Spain, in the spotlight after the death of Verónica Forqué: what did the program’s production respond to

Forqué resigned from Masterchef at the end of November (Gettyimages)
Forqué resigned from Masterchef at the end of November (Gettyimages)

Verónica Forqué happy. Verónica Forqué sad. Verónica Forqué out of her mind. Veronica Forqué Zen… Verónica Forqué is dead. While Spain cries, the role of the actress is reviewed in the latest edition of MasterChef Celebrity. Y It is questioned whether the show’s producer, Shine Iberia, overstretched its presence in the Show.

Between September and November the Spanish saw Forqué again on television screens. Sitting on the sofa at home and commenting on social networks what they saw. Her I had been depressed for years. He had said it, it was public. She had been trapped since 2014, when she separated from the man with whom she had shared her life since 1981. Maria’s father, her only daughter. Three years earlier his only brother had died.

A depression that two years ago led her to say no to MasterChef. Then he did not see himself with strength. He agreed, however, earlier this year and embarked on the adventure. [El programa se graba en mayo, junio y julio pero no se emite hasta el último trimestre del año].

During 10 programs she was the star, the protagonist of the most surprising, hilarious and infuriating scenes.

Became Diana of the haters, that in social networks did not save insults, disqualifications, insults. Every Monday, the nets burned: “This lady needs a straitjacket” … “Despot, rude, unbearable” … “Try going to a psychologist to see if the fumes and insanity will turn down a bit”… This was said of Forqué. When his death was known, yesterday, December 13, the haters were hated.

Forqué left MasterChef. They didn’t kick her out. He went away. At the gates of the final. His body, his head said enough. So much tension, so many emotions, so much harshness …

Verónica Forqué in the movie "What have I done to deserve this?", his first hit with Pedro Almodóvar.
Verónica Forqué in the movie “What have I done to deserve this?”, Her first success with Pedro Almodóvar.

Life wanted another ‘girl’ Almodóvar to participate with her in this edition of the program, Victoria April. She, April, spoke clearly of her depressions, of her sadness, accentuated by the confinements that came from the hand of the coronavirus that began to plague the planet back in the first quarter of 2020.

April, mired “in a depression” during the months prior to the recording of the program, said that MasterChef Celebrity had been for her a therapy against sadness.

And Forqué said something similar. In September, when the show was released to the media, Forqué said happily: “Masterchef has been a very intense experience. I had a good, bad time, of all colors, but I have learned a lot “.

Today the burden of proof on the death of Verónica Forqué has been indirectly placed on Shine Iberia. The CEO of the company that produces MasterChef, Macarena Rey, has been blunt: “We have nothing to say and we are not going to enter into these debates. We are just so sorry for what happened. Verónica was a wonderful woman, a wonderful partner and she was very happy in the program, we all saw it”.

Forqué, in the movie "Kika"
Forqué, in the movie “Kika”

Pepe Rodríguez, one of the three members of the jury and perhaps the person who had the most, closest and most affectionate relationship with Forqué, avoided the conflict: this case, when such unfortunate news as this occurs. What interests us is mourning the loss of a wonderful person. That people say what they want because we have a clear conscience”.

From Radio Televisión Española (RTVE), the public channel that broadcasts the program, they have preferred not to speak because, simply, consider that the death of the actress cannot be linked to her time at MasterChef.

However, the president of the Spanish Film Infomers Association (AICE), María Guerra, regretted that the image of Forqué, “cheerful and funny, has been tarnished by her participation in television shows that exploit human frailty”.

Guerra recalled that the Association has just awarded the Feroz Honor Award to the actress. Regarding Forqué’s participation in Marsterchef, he added: “We are concerned that the fame of cinema is used for spurious purposes and above all to show the weakness and fragility of interpreters in delicate moments of their lives”.

Forqué herself was clear about her participation in the program. “They don’t take your suitcase there, you take it”, He explained in an interview during the presentation of MasterChef Celebrity prior to the broadcast on the air. “We have lost our papers, all of them, but then we have recovered them. It was so much fun … We were all just as miserable there. It is a program where humility is present all the time, or you are humble or fatal”, He added.

Forqué, at the Goya awards ceremony last March
Forqué, at the Goya awards ceremony last March

Yes. As he said, “he had a good time, a bad time, of all colors.” With a wide smile on his face, his perpetual smile, he explained days before the program hit the Spanish screens: “When the judges say to you ‘What you have done do you want us to prove it?’ And, of course, you lose your roles, you lose your place in the world. You turn into a wretch with a messy tablecloth, it’s very humiliating”.

That is what it was seen on the screen. An intense woman, as funny as she is tyrannical, as calm as she is beside herself, bossy and sweet at the same time. Her companions fled from her because there was no way to make her work as a team, because she did not respect the captains and made her own decisions. Sometimes it was not known if he was acting or, really, his behavior was natural.

The whole show lasted until show 10. Then the actress threw in the towel. When the aspiring best chefs in Spain were preparing for the last test, the main presenter, Pepe Rodríguez, announced that the actress would not attend. Then Forqué’s voice-over was heard: “Pepe, I’m Verónica. Boss, I don’t have good news. I’m not feeling well, I’m exhausted. I have fought for ten weeks, the experience of the best of my life. You know that I am very fighter and I am learning a lot. What a pity, I’m sorry I can’t keep up but I can’t, my body can’t, I can’t handle my soul. I’ll be back when I’m good”.

Forqué returned to witness the grand final. He was on the balcony of the eliminated. With your smile, your comments and your sweetness. All his fellow program members have highlighted above all that, his sweetness, his warmth. Those who fought the most with them, those who never wanted to work as a team with her, those who faced her. The fights, the screams, the bad manners were always translated, program by program, into hugs, kisses, smiles … Until she left.

The messages of condolences have not stopped being produced in the last hours, since the news broke on Monday at the stroke of one in the afternoon. Verónica Forqué’s body is found Tuesday morning at the Forensic Anatomical Institute, where an autopsy is performed. mandatory to certify the cause of death. Everything points to his suicide.

The burning chapel will be located tomorrow, Wednesday 15, at the Spanish Theater, in the center of Madrid. It will be a massive goodbye, in a sunny winter. It will be an immense goodbye from 11 in the morning until four in the afternoon that will close on stage five decades of an enormous career: four Goya awards, Almodóvar’s muse, actress with Berlanga, Amiñán, Trueba, Colomo … Cristal and Kika as unforgettable characters. Mythical scenes in Joyful life, What have I done to earn this?, Get off the moor

In recent weeks she was seen in her Madrid neighborhood somewhat absent, according to the actress’s neighbors have told El Mundo. Sitting on a park bench in Berlin. Hours before his death, he had been with his daughter. She left, but Forqué stayed with a friend. The friend who found her lying in the bathroom and who called the emergency services. When they arrived, she was already dead.

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MasterChef from Spain, in the spotlight after the death of Verónica Forqué: what did the program’s production respond to